A Brighter Smile for a Brighter You


Boasting a set of pearly whites is one of the best ways to feel confident and attractive. In fact, it has even been shown that whiter smiles lead to better prospects in the world of employment. Thanks to modern technology and websites such as, it has never been easier to find a relevant specialist, book tooth-whitening dentist appointments and walk away beaming with joy. Still, there are a handful of different processes which can be used to achieve a lasting effect. To appreciate how revolutionary these methods are, it is wise if we take a look at how they work and the results that can be expected.

Bleaching with Light

This first method is absolutely painless and will produce stunning results in a matter of minutes. The in-office procedure involves the use of a halogen or LED light that interacts with a whitening gel which contains a certain amount of hydrogen peroxide (a powerful bleaching agent). The greatest benefit of this technique is that a typical treatment takes between thirty minutes and one hour; perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon or even during a lunch break away from the office. Recent advancements have led to less heat emissions and a lower amount of ultraviolet light from the source itself.

Internal Options

Another choice is known as an internal whitening procedure. We should note that there is an important difference here in comparison to light-activated bleaching. As the name hints, internal whitening will change the colour of the tooth from the inside. So, this technique is ideal for those who may exhibit teeth that have been deep internal staining resulting from nerve damage from within the tooth. This would be your best choice if you have a tooth that is no longer alive (such as one that has undergone a root canal). The whitening is achieved by drilling a hole in the tooth, inserting hydrogen peroxide within and “capping” the tooth for a certain number of days. The substance can be replaced as needed; allowing you to determine the level of brightness that you desire. While this process is slightly invasive, most patients experience little to no pain during the procedure itself.

While there are at-home kits which can also be used, you should know that they are not nearly as effective as those found in a dentist’s office. Also, some of these kits can actually damage your gums and enamel if used incorrectly. So, it is always wise to employ an online portal such as Toothpick to find the closest specialist in your area.

A whiter smile can literally redefine your self-image. With the help of modern technology and advancements in dentistry methods, that bright and glowing smile is indeed much closer than you think!

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Hot Holiday Gift Trends 2013!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when shopping becomes one of the most stressful times as well. It’s quite a contrast. Christmas gift giving is an annual holiday tradition that brings joy and shows appreciation for one another. Every year, people run out of ideas for gifts and increases the stress of gift giving!

You can never go wrong with these holiday gift trends!

LUSH Cosmetics has festive gifts for all! Who doesn’t love a gift of luxurious soaps and creams? The Winter Garden gift assemble brings together five various products and beautifully wrapped in a bauble shape, and can be hung on the tree or put underneath. The packaging can be also be reused to store your LUSH stash. This gift sells for $37.95.

Lush Winter Garden

Looking for a stocking stuffer? The Macaron Box trinket is the perfect fit! They come in an array of pretty pastel shades and it’s perfect for stashing jewelry, pins, spare change, and makes a great pill case too. You can find these Macaron Box trinkets at Urban Outfitters and it sells for $10.00.

Macaron Box

The Mariah Carey 2013 Holiday Nail Polish Collection from OPI is definitely a hot trend this year! The collection is an assortment of 12 red, glitter, gold, and silver nail polish colors that are also suitable for the New Year. You can purchase this collection on Amazon and it sells for $69.45 + shipping.

Mariah Carey OPI Holiday Collection

And finally… The Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 is out! This product is definitely in high demand during the holidays and every girl is secretly hoping to receive the sequel to the amazing Naked Palette 1 and 2. Anyone would also look absolutely gorgeous for the holidays with its eye shadow shades ranging from rose gold to light pinky peach! You can purchase this palette from Sephora and it sells for $62.00.

Urban Decay Naked 3

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The Best From Urban Decay!

Urban Decay is an American cosmetics company founded in 1996 by Sandy Lerner, and the brand is now primarily sold in mid to high-end beauty stores such as Ulta, Sephora, and Macy’s. Urban Decay does not employ animal testing in the creation of their products and marks on its website which products are considered vegan.

Urban Decay cosmetics are very popular with women in their teens to middle-aged. They have products for everything and they are mostly known for their Naked palettes. With a little research, I have chosen a few of the best Urban Decay products that I would recommend trying!

The Naked palette is 12 different colours and shades of beige shadows, neutrals, glitters, shimmer and some darker matte colours. It is the perfect palette for summer because it will look great with tanning products and bronzers. There isn’t a single skin tone that will not look good with this palette and the combinations are endless! The second Naked palette has a more cool and gray tone but it is still as good! They both sell for $50.00.

NAKED PALETTE by Urban Decay

NAKED2 PALETTE by Urban Decay

The Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadows are highly pigmented and last a really long time. They also blend really well and have a good selection of colours. The colours are unique and vibrant and there is no need for an eyeshadow primer! This product sells for $18.00 each.

Eyeshadow by Urban Decay

The Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liners are glitter eyeliners! It is a very fun product and the glitter level gives just the right amount of sparkle and it’s great to use for a night out. They can also be used as the perfect gifts for your girlfriends! This product sells for $18.00 each.


Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner by Urban Decay


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Can’t decide between long hair and short hair? Try Hair Extensions!

Are you bored of your short hair? Try hair extensions!

Do you ever regret chopping off your long locks of hair? Many women have a constant struggle between long hair and short hair. You can do more with long hair but short hair is easier to manage and to maintain. The solution to this struggle is hair extensions!

Hair extensions can instantly give you your dream hairstyle without having to wait six to twelve months to grow your hair. It gives you the flexibility to try new hairstyles without being stuck with just short hair. If you get bored of long hair, you can just remove the extensions and vice versa. Hair extensions can be easily taken care of with consistent maintenance. It will add thickness and volume to your hair and only benefit the appearance.

The major disadvantages of hair extensions is the expensive cost and there can be a potential damage to the natural hair since hair extensions are attached using knotting, braiding, or glue. The duration of attaching the hair extensions is also a disadvantage because it may take eight to nine hours at the salon to get the hair extension attached.

Hair Extensions

Four methods of hair extensions:

Clip Ins – Clip in extensions are inexpensive and very easy to use because they can taken out whenever you want. Without much fuss, you can change the length or style of your extensions. It is removable and causes little to no damage to natural hair.

Glue Ins– Glue in extensions are relatively easy to put in and can last for three to four weeks in time. It is a great option for girls who have several events in a row and on a budget. They are also comfortable to sleep in and they’re washable! The risky part is that the glue is very damaging to the hair it prevents you from straightening the hair from the roots, because the heat will melt the glue.

Sew Ins – Sew in extensions are strongly recommended for most hair types! They are braided onto your natural hair either straight down the back of your head or in a circular pattern so that none of your hair will be visible under the extensions. It takes four to five hours to put the extensions in, but they will last for about two months with regular maintenance.

Fusion – Fusion extensions are the most versatile and expensive method of hair extensions! Fusion extensions are groups of hair (15-20 strands) which are stuck together with special glue formula and bonded with a little tool to the roots of your hair. They are washable, comfortable, and allow for versatile styling! They are very expensive and take about eight hours to put in the hair extensions.

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Favourite Looks from Pretty Little Liars!

Pretty Little Liars is a show about four best friends who are connected by one girl name Alison, who has been murdered. The four girls – Aria, Hannah, Emily, and Spencer – are being harassed via text message, email, and random dangerous appearances by an anonymous ‘A’ who knows their deep, dark secrets. The show revolves around the quest to find out who murdered Alison and who the bully behind all the harassments is.

Aside from running into life-threatening situations, they have the greatest sense of style and always look good. They seem to always strut their style while in class, shopping, or while they are being tackled by a killer. I love that all four girls have different fashion styles which makes them a unique group of girls on television.

Aria Montgomery carries a mature attitude which led her to a relationship with her high school teacher. Her style reflects on her sophisticated personality and she loves to layer, mix and match, and stick with darker colours. She has a feminine style but with an edge. I love this look, because she is wearing a detailed top with a solid coloured skirt which gives her a bit of a bohemian look and she adds the leather jacket for an edgy look.

Aria Montgomery

Emily Fields is a sweet girl who is confused on who she loves, a gal or a boy? She is the athlete of the group and her style is very laid-back and sporty. She is often seen wearing a messenger bag and sporting sneakers. I love this casual look on her because she’s simply just layering her clothes with a hoodie and a jacket but pairs it with a beanie and wavy hair to keep her feminine look.

Emily Fields

Hanna Marin is the blonde Queen Bee of the group and her style resembles her glamorous and feminine personality. She loves to stand out and is very girly. I love this look, because she is wearing a long flowy pink feminine dress but she still keeps it casual.

Hanna Marin

Spencer Hastings is the brains of the group. She is an over-achiever and her preppy style reflects on her family’s rich lifestyle and Ivy League dreams. Her style is very polished and put together, and keeps it very feminine and political. I love this look, because she keeps its classy and mysterious with her scarf!

Spencer Hastings


Don’t forget to tune in at 8pm EST for the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special tonight!

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Favourites from Betsey Johnson!

Betsey Johnson is an American designer best known for her feminine and whimsical designs! She grew up with a passion for dance and art. It was the combination of the two interests that led her to fashion designing. She loved the elaborate costumes that she wore while dancing which helped inspired her to do fashion designing as well.  She realizes that making clothes is completing what a drawing can’t be and it transforms the drawing from two dimensional to reality.


I really love her fashion collections because they are so girly and fun! You can have fun in her clothing items and every girl loves them! I have put together an outfit of all my favourite items by Betsey Johnson.

My favourite dress is the Sweetheart Cabbage Rose Dress and it sells for $132.00. I love the halter strap and the pattern of the dress. It’s very feminine and compliments the bust area.



My favourite handbag is the Hopeless Romantic Bucket Tote and it sells for $79.98. I usually don’t like metallic gold, but this metallic gold is soft and glowy. I love the cute bow placed on the front and it completes the handbag!

Hopeless Romantic Bucket Tote

My favourite pair of shoes is the SB-VOW and it sells for $149.00. I love the detailed jewels around the shoe and the blue base underneath the shoe. It’s so unique and fun!


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Must Have Favourite Workout Clothes!

One of the biggest motivations for females to do anything is looking cute! I chose some of my favourite must-have workout clothes for looking confident and ready to work out!

You definitely must have a cute sport bra that is comfortable and looks good when the shirt is taken off. I love the sports bras from Victoria’s Secret because they are padded and have a nice shape for any body type. I chose the Studio Sport bra and it sells for $39.50.

Victoria's Secret Studio Sport bra

I really love to work out in dri-fit shorts because they are free and no sweat gets built up in my shorts. I love the short shorts from Lululemon, because they are low rise but still fit the body really well and make your legs look good. I chose the Speed Shorts and it sells for $58.00.

Lululemon Speed Shorts

Every girl must have a tank top in their gym attire wardrobe! Tank tops are the best clothing item to work out in! It gives you room to move around and gives you a lot of air. I like anything from Nike because they are mostly dri-fit so it’s great for sweating. I chose the women’s Nike Tank Top and it sells for $33.00.

Nike Tank Top

For cooler weather, I love to wear capris! They are usually tight and flatter the shape of your bottom and your legs. It is comfortable and you can look very cute in them. I chose the Adidas Women’s Supernova Running Capri and it sells for $50.00.

Adidas Women’s Supernova Running Capri

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Which pair of sunglasses fit your face?

Sunglasses are popular accessories worn by women and men! The main purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun but it has gradually turned into an essential part of your fashion style now! There are so many different looks for sunglasses that come in many shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns. The key to finding the right pair of sunglasses is your facial structure!

Heart shaped faces have a wide forehead, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin. A pair of aviators is perfect for this facial structure! It will broaden the appearance of your jawline and minimize the width of your forehead. I chose a pair of aviators from RayBan and it sells for $155.00.

RayBan Aviators


Square shaped faces have wide jawlines and wide foreheads that create the shape of a square. Round sunglasses would be recommended for a square shaped face! Round sunglasses for a square shaped face creates a soft balance that would compliment your facial structure as well! I chose a pair of round sunglasses from Dolce and Gabbana and it sells for $385.00.

Dolce and Gabbanaparis-hilton

Round shaped faces are normally big and wide so you want a pair of sunglasses that will make your face look thin and longer! Sunglasses with angular frames would be the perfect balance to a round face! I would recommend rectangular sunglasses or cat eyed sunglasses. I chose a pair of round sunglasses by Burberry and it sells for $250.00.

Burberry Ginnifer Goodwin

Oval shaped faces are perfectly balanced and look good with any kind of sunglasses! You would have a slim face so it wouldn’t be a good idea to wear overly-large sunglasses. I chose a pair of round sunglasses by Giorgio Armani and it sells for $330.00.


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