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The TIFF Coverage Part #2….

Rachel Weisz, devoted fan to Mr. Rodriguez, shows us how to make fall’s boxier looks positively seductive. Somehat matchy, but stuning nonetheless.
Recent Queen of The Yawn, Jennifer Lopez, at the premiere of her and hubby Marc Anthony’s new film “Il Cantante.” Wearing Dolce and Gabbanna. The dress is unsurprisingly typical, but the darker hair is a nice change from that all-over-bronzed, fake golden hair. Taking notes, Beyonce?
Let’s be honest, the Dixie Chicks have never been known for their fashion sense. They’ve sold millions of records, voiced the internal thoughts of millions of Americans (and Canadians) with half a brain, and were trailblaizers, along with Ms. Twain and Ms. Hill, for making country cool again. Here, at the premiere of their documentary ‘Shut Up and Sing”, the two on the right look downright beautiful, while Emily Robison should have left that dress to Miss Moss and Miss Moss only.
Lopez again, this time at a press conference. She shows us why she will never be a fashion icon – that’s right, no matter how many Dolce or Versace dresses she dons! The individual pieces are classic, but she ends up looking too costume-y.
By adrian - 09.14.06

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