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Zac Posen S/S 2007 (When P. Diddy gets it Right…)

When you think of Zac Posen, chances are you think of Diddy/P. Diddy/Puff Daddy/Puffy/Sean Combs (or whatever name he chooses to call himself on that particular day). Sure, his financial-right-hand-man has significantly helped this young designer get his name out so quickly. This season, however, the only reason you may be saying Zac Posen is because of his so-un-NYC, NYC collection.
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While other designers kept it short (in style) and basic (in colour), Posen went for drama – think brightly coloured gowns with dramatic necklines (at times, recalling Gianfranco Ferre), voluminious, puff sleeves, and a soon-to-be iconic dress worn by Hana. It was unapolagetically exuberant. Even though definite hints of YSL and Gucci were prevalent throughout the collection, it was done with a clean, minimalist objective.

For those with a smaller imagination, or possibly, a smaller bank account, Posen sent out his take on volume via a beautiful array of high-waisted pants, draped blouses, and a few variations on the cropped jacket. Finally, a strong, if, at times slightly disjointed, collection rising from all the hoopla.

By adrian - 09.15.06

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