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Zooey Deschanel & Nicole Ritchie at ‘The Pink Party’

Zooey Deschanel & Nicole Ritchie at the 2nd Annual “The Pink Party” A Star-Studded Elyse Walker Benefit. Credit: WireImage
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The same party, the same It-colour – two very different results!

Leave it up to miss Zooey Deschanel to look stylish but original. The A-line white dress is cute, but she puts her own spin with a pink (duh?) bow in her hair. Such a quirky, individual touch; how can you not love it? This girls rocks. Period.

Moving on, I hate Pucci prints. Okay, I hate this Pucci print. I don’t know, it is palatable on a small scarf, but as an overall print, I think this one screams “Hi, I live in Malibu, drive a pink convertible, and just call me Stacey.” It just lacks so much sophistication. Nicole, why not opt for a pink blouse and pair it with a high-waisted, voluminous grey skirt? Ms. Zoe, tisk tisk.

By adrian - 10.01.06

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