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A Bad Haircut and a Pretty Face: Kate Bosworth at Fashion Week

Credit: (Getty) First pics at Chloe S/S 2007 (Oct. 7) Last Pic at Lagerfeld’s Party (Oct 6)

A pretty face will always be a pretty face. That said, imagine what a cheap, plastic frame would do to the Mona Lisa. You get the idea? Well, this is how bad Kate Bosworth’s new haircut truly is. At its best, the cut has improved the condition of her bleached locks. At its worst, it looks like every girl’s hairstyle in grade 3 – blunt, lacking any shape, and as boring as watching glue dry. At the Chloe S/S 2007 show, she tries (key word: tries) to spruce it up with a go at the curling iron. Instead of looking tousled and effortless, it looks like the work of stay-at-home/part-time-hairdresser-in-the-basement mom who is bitter about life (then again, wouldn’t you be?). At Karl Lagerfeld’s party, she, well, does nothing to fix the mess at all. Please Kate, grow back your old hair. In the mean time, have your people call J.Lo’s people – I hear she has villages of 3rd world women being raised merely to sacrifice their luscious locks for her own vanity.

Fashion-wise, Ms. Bosworth is looking on top of her game.

By adrian - 10.07.06

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