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Lindsay Lohan’s New Infatuation

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Lindsay Lohan has ditched the god-awful fingerless gloves favoured by Karl, but has adopted another go-to item to try to convince us, without much success, that she has an ounce of toughness in her. This time around, she seems to be infatuated with the leather jacket, which she pairs with vintage rock t-shirts and skinnies. Hey, I am all up for a great leather jacket, but when you wear it with such a poser-“Look-at-me-I’m-rocker-this-week!” attitude, all I get are flashbacks of Ashlee Simpson circa 2004 (and we all know how valid that whole look was). These one-week fashion flings just prove that she lacks any sense of original style. Like her men, these fashion choices are flashes in a pan that disappear like yesterday’s headlines. Lindsay, keep up this and we’ll all be saying the same about you very soon…
Credit: All pics Fashion Spot

By adrian - 10.09.06

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