What to Wear Now: The Fashion Show

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In light of the end of L’oreal Fashion week, I thought I would do a “What to Wear Now” for a fashion show. So, what do your wear to wear to impress the most stylish crowd in the city? Animal print, of course. Since everyone else will be on the prowl already, why not wear this luscious print on a see through blouse from Topshop? Worn with a black bra underneath and a high-waisted DVF skirt (www.saks.com), it’s just the right amount of skin to say “I know what I’m doing.” Instead of opting for a pair of black patent shoes (like 99% of the attendees), do it in brown – with a T-strap and studs (www.topshop.com) – and finish it all off with opaque tights and a vintage oxblood bag (www.modbag.com).

With this much animal aggression, just remember to smile. After all, you want to look fierce *cringes at that word*, not bloodthirsty.

By adrian - 10.22.06

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