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Natalie Portman on Harper Bazaar

How original, Natalie Portman as Audrey Hepburn on Harper Bazaar! I think the only more obvious choice would have been Jennifer Love-what’s-her-name? to pose on the cover.

While Ms. Portman is a stunner, I am unconvinced that she has the quirky beauty that captures the essence of who Audrey was; that slightly larger nose, the straw-like neck, and the toothy grin were not flaws, but embellishments to her natural beauty and iconic sense of style. Natalie just shouts “unworldly beautiful” to me, but it ends there.

Then again, I can’t really think of another young starlet that captures Audrey. Either she hasn’t come or that magical mix of endearing humour and unparalleled poise can never truly be duplicated. With the slew of ‘dime-a-dozen’ young stars stemming from LA, I highly doubt it’s the former.


By adrian - 10.24.06

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