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The Freaky Friday of Fashion?

Has the mystical Asian woman from Freaky Friday been up to no good?

First we see Kate Moss shopping on Bond Street in London (10-24-06) sporting this god-awful prisoner striped ensemble that makes her look more like a Claire’s-loving, Avril Lavigne wannabe than a rock uber-model.
If that wasn’t enough, Sienna Miller is then photographed wearing an delicious cropped red cape (an old fav of hers…), some great skinny denim, and white ankle booties (10-24-06).

It seems that the stylish Miss Moss has donned some Sienna-esque duds (full pun intended…), while Ms. Miller has stepped up her game. I’m doubtful this switch-a-roo will last indefinitely…we all know how Freaky Friday ended.
Credit: Kate pics –, Sienna pics –

By adrian - 10.25.06

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