What to Wear Now: Christmas Shopping

Okay, Christmas is quickly approaching. What does this mean? Business. Ditch the heels (did I just type that?) and the frilly blouse – you wan’t to show people that you know how to rip the last grey cashmere sweater in Small out of their shriveled hands and, most importantly, you’re willing to do it. Start with a long, dramatic skirt. Why? Besides being a welcomed change from all the puffballs of late, its mesmerizing drama (www.nordstrom.com) will act as sheer distraction. Pair it with a simple turtleneck from Urban Outfitters (www.urbanoutfitters.com), but top it with a tartan Marc by Marc Jacobs coat (www.shopbop.com) because nothing says “I mean business!” than a coat like that. ‘Les pieces de resistance’ are the no-nonsense boots (perfect for the marathon shop) and the croc faux croc bag (big enough to carry the essentials: water bottle, wallet, blunt objects in case anyone gives you a problem…)

So, I wish you bravey and goodluck. Go forth and spend!
By adrian - 12.18.06

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