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Celebrity Style: Kirsten Bell Lindsay Lohan, Keira Knightley & Rupert Friend

Here is Kirsten Bell at the In Style Magazine and Warner Bros. Studios Golden Globe After Party. Love the dress, hate the prom-worthy hair and Beyonce-inspired sparkle overkill.

Next is Lindsay Lohan, also at a Globes Afterparty, meaning pre-rehab. Frankly, she looks quite nice in this black dress and Prada mary janes. Proof that even high and intoxicated, you don’t have to look like Courtney Love.
Last, we have Keira Knightley arriving at Los Angeles International airport with boyfriend, Rupert Friend, on January 6. In my humble opinion, probably one of the cutest couples on the planet. Couldn’t you just imagine these two hosting a fashion show in a hostel?
Credit: WireImage & Tagged Sites
By adrian - 01.18.07

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