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Jak + Jil

Jak + Jil
Jak+Jil is the brainchild of fashion photographer Tommy Ton. He’s relaunched the site after a long hiatus, which now boasts style shots (think Carine, Bee, Agyness, and Taylor) he’s snapped at the collections in New York, London, and Paris. Unlike the Facehunter or The Sartorialist, the site is for those with an interest in high fashion, ultimate fashion. It is for those who obsess over Melanie Huynh, spend countless hours mimicking the androdynous nonchalance of Anja Rubik, or melt at the sight of a Rick Owens leather. His knowledge and eye are truly nonpareil; he can discern a Balenciaga 2001 just as well as he can vintage Patou or a 1970’s YSL. And frankly, we’re all better off for that.

And if you don’t know what i’m ranting about, go to the site to find out. (I also happen to write for the site, too).

By adrian - 02.29.08

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