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Beckham Does Armani

Marc Jacobs? Checked. Armani? Checked, well, now. Lastly – necessarily air brushing? Very checked.

The images are stunning – black and white alongside Victoria Beckham modelling the line’s lingerie. Plan to see her for awhile – it’s said that her three year deal with the company is estimated at approximately $24.6 million.

I love how we can read in the media about the economic downturn and recession, yet callously toss around several million for a celebrity to prance around in clothing for three years and get paid enough to feed a nation.

Bitter? Non, more envious and entralled at the idea of seeing the new brand association come to life. Love you Vic.

Source: TFS

Written by Gloria Chik of

By FashionVerbatim - 01.19.09

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