What your Fine and Chic jeans say about you

Sixty years ago denim was for the working class, now they’re a part of every day fashion and are available in styles that go beyond your wildest dreams. So what do your jeans say about you? We look at some hot styles at to find out.

Classic dark denim: Emporio Armani Jeans For Women
Dark denim is a wardrobe must-have. They look amazing with everything and are a timeless sleek look. The wearer is sophisticated with an eye on versatility and classic style. They love adding extra details to their fashion style and life that make things interesting.

Ripped denim: Dolce&Gabbana Grunge Jeans W/ Belt for Women
Hippie chic was bought back into fashion big-time by Kate Moss and the young Hollywood hipster pack and grunge ripped denim shows their disheveled I-don’t-care-what-people-think look. The denim look shows that the wearer is trend conscious but also relaxed. Bold and stylish, the wearer also loves attention but doesn’t go out of her way to get it (not all the time anyway).

Patterned denim: Roberto Cavalli Jeans -Leopard & Navajo Print
Trust the likes of Roberto Cavalli to design a pair of jeans that are covered in leopard print. The leathery-skinned fashion designer never shys away from all things sexy and printed, and neither does the wearer of patterned jeans. They love, no crave, the lime light and love their bold designer brands. These people are exhibitionists and love life.

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By FashionVerbatim - 07.08.10

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