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I will say what so few others seem unwilling to: I’m sick of celebrity clothing collections. Utterly, utterly bored of them.

Why? Well, save for the notably successful Olsen sisters and Spice-Girl-cum-Fashion-Icon Victoria Beckham, most licensed ‘collections’ are down-market, lowest-common-denominator attempts to capitalize on the brand equity of a celebrity’s name. Not that I don’t understand the trend: whether we accept or buck the pervasive predilection, the truth is that we live in the golden age of the BRAND. Quality, construction, and even originality are peripheral considerations, when they are considered at all. Consumers want caché, and who better than a favorite celebrity obsession to give it to them?

Celebrity Designer Kelly Wearstler (Above) appears to be a notable new exception. Though she is perhaps best known for her interior design work (images Below)–she designed interiors for Bergdorf Goodman’s BG lounge, the Viceroy collection of boutique hotels, and more private residential projects than I care to list–she has managed to transition into a respectable apparel designer. Her clothes and accessories err on the quieter side of her Hollywood-Regency-meets-color-clashing-circus aesthetic, featuring silhouettes and finishes with a decidedly feminine perspective. Marbled prints, geode cuffs, structural stripes — these are the touchstones of her interior design work, yes, but few before her have managed to translate them so beautifully into clothing.

Though mass-produced and sold at a handful of luxury retailers–Bergdorf Goodman, Holt Renfrew, Nieman Marcus, Net-a-porter, among others–each piece appears handmade, idiosyncratic in its print and finishes. The work owes its arresting nuances to the materials Wearstler is attempting to recreate–marble, malachite, pyrite, jade, rosewood, mica, bleached driftwood–but the effect stands wholly on its own.

She may not yet be a household name, but the work Kelly Wearstler is creating proves she’s not going anywhere.

If we’re lucky, anyway.

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By Joseph - 12.13.11

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