There’s a new ice princess in town, and for once she’s not restricted to the rink.  (Or in my case, restricted to the bleachers.) If you too are clumsy balancing on a single blade, fret not. You can still look like a pro with Dsquared2’s Ice Skate Boot. 
This design encompasses what I live and breathe for: a functional, high fashion, costume piece…that you can wear everyday! It is simple but genius to alter a common object… and still use it for a common purpose.  No, you don’t need to prance on a toe pick to get around in these (Below). These are well executed, and let’s face it, make you shiver.They also come in a variety of styles! Do I want the Chelsea boot (Below), the calf-high boot or the Oxford? The black or the white? Honestly, I want all of them.  Conveniently, ShoeRazzi has multiple styles in one place for you to purchase!
Considering the brilliance of these boots, they don’t need a title.  But alas, being this major of a fashion statement, they are naturally paired with one of the most famous fashion icons today: Welcome, Skate Moss.  An Olympian in her own field, Kate Moss has elegantly glided through the fashion world, same as an experienced skater would effortlessly glide over ice…in what looks more like this:
Next I will be looking for a Guinness inspired shoe, in honor of the fashion icon I deeply adore. A creation half Daphne, half intoxicating. Though, in that case it will be 100% intoxicating. Then I’ll be even less likely to stand in skates; blades or boots.  My goodness, my Guinness.  DSquared2, what will you do next???

By iCICLEYES - 12.22.11

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