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Oh. My. God. WHAT??? I woke up this morning to the highly unfortunate news that Seven New York owner Joseph Quartana has shuttered the physical Mercer St. NYC location of his trailblazing boutique, although THANKFULLY his equally inspiring online store will remain open, with improvements and new additions on the way!

IN HONOR OF THIS CRYING SHAME, we at FashionVerbatim will be posting a Seven New York online item of the day… show your support by shopping the site, and telling all of your friends!

Click through for the full press release and our thoughts on this aberration of justice…From the desk of the inimitable Joseph Q. himself:

“To all of our respected clientele and fashion-forward friends, it is with mixed emotions that we announce the closing of our 110 Mercer St boutique in Soho.

As many of you already know, we have had to deal with the landlord’s scaffolding and building construction looming on our doorstep for almost 4 years now. 15 months ago, the erection of a second, even larger scaffolding by the neighboring Donald Judd Foundation, cut off any remaining visibility and consequent foot traffic to our storefront.

After nearly 2 years of fruitless litigation with the landlords and our neighbor, we have decided to close down the boutique and channel all of our energy into our website going forward – until we can find a new, permanent home.

That said, we are excited to announce the unveiling of version 4 of sevennewyork.com, over the coming months! Besides a host of noticeable improvements (and the directional Men’s/Women’s apparel you’ve come to expect from our designers) the new site will also feature selections from other retailers, an exclusive, curated archive section for select designers and much, MUCH more!”

Mixed emotions, indeed *sob*. I’ll be honest; I definitely teared up a bit when I read this, mostly because there are so few people in NYC or elsewhere who have consistently taken the buying risks and shown the support to emerging and ____ talent that Joseph has. Season after season, he has brought us labels like KTZ (Below), Pleasure Principle, Cassette Playa and Raf Simons (NOW you know their names, partially to Seven’s credit), showing the spine not to just play-by-the-numbers, instead nesting inside the mind of a discerning and complex clientele.

That said, having been lucky enough to sit down with Joseph myself, as well as cough up a few of my own rent checks on pieces by Bernhard Willhelm and Atalanta Weller, I have the utmost faith that Seven will maintain its crown as one of the last truly avant garde stores in NYC, via their equally alluring online store, while they look for a new permanent location- or, frankly, not.

Quartana’s other venture, Six Scents parfums, which I penned a piece on for London-based SuperSuper! Magazine, will also continue to offer intoxicating and offbeat scents concocted by master perfumers who collaborate with cutting edge labels. Something tells me everything is going to be JUST fine for the Seven crew…

One last note: shame on those who have kept Seven’s Mercer St. store cloaked behind scaffolding and construction materials for over a year and a half now… may karma keep them in flared True Religions and box-toe loafers for years to come!


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