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Having burned through just about every schizophrenic hair color there is (white, elderly-gray, striped, pink-streaked, dirty turquoise amongst others, with photos for LOLz after the jump) in my transition from REAL ACTUAL WOMAN to pansexual internet queen, I was recently beginning to feel as if I’d hit an impasse: should I just go natural? Bored by the interesting, but not entirely sold on the boring, this was my compromise. Forget ombré and look forward to exaggerated teenage roots in #2K12. Love it.

When you can’t decide between two styles, it’s generally best to just mash it all together and say #IDGAF, as shown above. All the credit goes to Patty Martin (color) and Kara Hurston (cut) from Shag salon in Boston for what is #IMO the perfect root-heavy Yves Klein blue and (secret) undercut.

I couldn’t find pictures of every color/cut combination I’ve had over the past 2 years (I was crying in the only pics I found of me with flesh colored bangs– those are precious), but click through for my chronologically fuzzy retrospective. If only big government was capable of changing as quickly as @LILGOVERNMENT

I have to shout out fellow #seapunk princess @ZOMBELLE_ for having the same hair as I did in the last pic, at the exact same time, before we had ever seen each other. Just #waving at you, Shan <3


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