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We now interrupt our regular Oscars red carpet coverage to bring you the latest looks from the Hollywood High School class of 2012 prom. Now hold hands with me as we repeat in unison, “this can’t be real”. Was there some sort of David’s Bridal Oscars sponsorship deal that we weren’t looped in on? Because that is truly the only way I can wrap my head around adult women leaving the house like this in 2012.

Maya Rudolph‘s gown (above left) is the least offensive of the bunch, but the mix of the plum color and beaded back-bib/belt is still dreadful. And Maya, thank you for contributing to the destruction of the ozone layer via the two cans of Aquanet it must have taken to keep the hair so carefully placed over one shoulder. I’m also fairly sure Melissa McCarthy (above right), with her bejeweled bunching issues, is sharing a color palette with the wallpaper at the nearby Holiday Inn Express.

It gets WORSE… click through for Jennifer Lopez and Sherri Shepherd sporting dresses that have a lot of- very literal- Caché.
I can not COMPREHEND who let Sherri wear that neckline with the bra showing through the mesh panel? Um, what? And the sheer sleeves? Although I would take those over J.Lo’s arm cutouts any day, as the stripes on the fabric make it look like her entire dress is made of arrows that are all directing you to #LOLWAT. I never thought I’d be suggesting an “LBD” but anything is a step up from this teenage wasteland.

Images: Getty, Daily Mail


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