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The clothes from the Yohji Yamamoto Fall ’12 runway, fashioned for a futurist ice queen of hearts, needs to be available in stores this INSTANT, because this is precisely how I feel down to the moment. The collection projects an obtuse sexual power, carrying both quiet anarchy and geometric dissonance in spades. I wouldn’t feel right sullying the surgical dexterity of Yamamoto’s lines with my my standard #HASHTEXT.

The visual metaphors speak to duality, rebellion, and opacity. Life is what you hide as much as it is what you reveal…the proverbial sly wink to oneself.

More sublimation after the jump, along with the only two looks we decided to #UNFOLLOW. Carry on…

The cutting asymmetry of the black and navy caped ensemble (above left) is perfect when paired with sharp-toed flats and navy lipstick. Jut and flow cut and sew, if you will. And while I’m aware that one’s first thought when looking at the punk paperboy samurai (above right) is that a belt swap is needed for wearability, I’d love to see the fabric twisted up and around the neck in front, into a full-torso scarf.

The boots and gloves help give the perfect impression that nothing is quite right anywhere you look (above left), and while I would have loved to see some micromesh in the chest/collarbone area (above right), this Cruella-de-sac just works. Minus the shoes.

Low points were few…

I MEANNNN if owned this dress (above left), I wouldn’t walk around with my hand in my pocket like that, lest someone hand me a huge notebook to hold in front of my hip area. The above right sexy snuggie also seemed too sloppy in context, but it is so Marilyn Manson Dope Show which, at the moment, is spot the fuck on.

My pre-tribute to the show, taken at the Deathface party I hosted a couple of weeks back– you already saw the blue hair. Are you there, Yamamoto? It’s me #LILGOV.

Images: Nowfashion, Adrienne Berlin


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