How to Wear Leather

Some of my favourite outfits are coordinated with a leather clothing item! It makes me look bold and confident and makes any outfit look different and unique. The leather look is hard to create, but the key to finding the right outfit is the structure and fit.

My first pick is a leather biker jacket! It goes well with any casual outfit from dresses to denim jeans. A biker jacket would be most ideal for a night in the city; it looks great and keeps you warm. I chose this biker jacket, because it had two open flaps so it would look great while wearing it unzipped. It also shows off the blouse or shirt that you’ll be wearing on the inside. This jacket is $299.00 from ZARA.


My second pick is a leather pencil skirt! This is ideal for a professional look for the office or a presentation. The leather look is considered a “tough” look so a very feminine shirt or blouse would match the skirt. I would recommend a white or beige top, because it will really compliment the skirt. The skirt is $149.00 from Danier.

Danier Italian lamb leather pencil skirt

My third pick is a pair of leather leggings! This will also go great with any casual outfit or for a night in the city. I really like leather leggings, because it shapes the legs and shows off the curvy side of the body. I recommend a longer flowy top that would cover a bit of your behind. A flowy top would also make your legs look thinner. The leggings are $218.00 by JO NO FUI.


By elvina - 06.24.13

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