How to WOW your date

Date night is the night where you get to know a person, spend time with your significant other, or when you finally have a night off without the kids. It is a rare occasion when you deserve to look your best to impress your date for the night.

For a sexy night out with your date, you can go out for a candlelight dinner and then a nightclub for some late night dancing. You want to dress confident and bold and your look should compliment your partner. Your outfit should look dramatic but sleek. I chose a red sweetheart cut out bodycon dress, because red is the most attractive colour. It is a short dress so it will really show off your legs. The front of the dress is a bit covered up but the back is revealing so it adds a bit of mystery to your outfit. This dress is £20.00 from River Island.


For a romantic date out for a picnic or a drive-in movie, you don’t want to dress too bold but you still want to impress your partner and hold his attention for you. You would want to dress a little softer for a romantic setting and dress more comfortably as well. For a romantic look, I chose a white sweetheart shaped tube top with lace at the bottom, and paired with basic black skinny pants. The black pants will bring out the white top and keep the focus on your beautiful face. The top is $23.41 from Tilly’s and the pants are $59.40 from ASOS.

FULL TILT Lace Womens Peplum Tube Top

River Island Tube pant

By elvina - 06.28.13

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