DIY Fashion: Simple Stylish Shoes!

Do-it-yourself inventions have been around for a long time since 1912. It all started with home improvements and maintenance activities. It has evolved into arts and crafts by using simple ideas to make creative products. In today’s modern era, a lot of young girls make DIY fashion trends. You can take a basic product and make it more unique and stylish.

My favourite DIY projects are shoes! It’s so simple to add creativity to shoes and with little effort; you will have a different style for the same pair of shoes. I have chosen three of my favourite styles for DIY shoes!

My first pick is a pair of black simple shoes. I love solid coloured shoes, because you can do whatever you want with them and it will look great. For this look, a strip of paint colour was used to make the shoes stand out. I would recommend using a bright colour so it stands out from the black colour. Yellow would be one of the recommended options and it would go well with a yellow outfit to match!

DIY Cap-Toe Shoes

My second pick is a pair of nude coloured heels covered in red glitter. I like this look because it completely changes the shoes from simple to glamour. All you need is glue and a lot of glitter and you can transform your shoes. You won’t even be able to recognize the original pair of shoes.

DIY Glitter Shoes

My third and favourite pick is a pair of flip flops and a scarf! With a few cuts, twists, and ties; you can transform your flip flops into a pair of stylish chic sandals! It’s so simple to do and the outcome is amazing. I love the creativity with the scarf and it adds colour and a bit of an exotic look.

DIY Scarf Flip-Flops

By elvina - 07.29.13

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