Let’s bring back animal prints!

Animal print never goes out of style and anyone can make it trending again! It can be tough to style animal print clothing but with the right combinations, it will look amazing. I think animal print works best when it is used as an accent, so only one item of your outfit would be animal printed pattern. It would make the outfit unique and different from the others! When it comes to animal prints – less is more. Make sure you don’t wear too much animal print clothing in one outfit!

An animal printed shirt is a popular one! It would look great with denim jeans or tucked into a black skirt. It should never be paired with another patterned item, because it will look too complicated and take the attention away from the shirt.

Animal Printed Shirt

Animal printed shoes are so cute! They should be coordinated with a simple outfit so it brings out the shoes. I would recommend wearing outfits that don’t hover over your shoes so you can show them off!

Animal Printed Shoes

One that I don’t see often at all is animal printed belts! It’s kind of like a random hint of animal print to complete the outfit. I would recommend a small to medium sized belt, because a large belt would be too much.

Animal Printed Belt

A scarf is a necessity for cooler weather! An animal printed scarf would look great with solid colours as well and a scarf can be styled in any way so it’s always fun to have a scarf!

Animal Printed Scarf

For a cute summer or spring look, try wearing an animal printed skirt! It would also look great with accessories that would match your skirt such as the beige bracelet that matches the beige colour on the skirt.

Animal Printed Skirt

By elvina - 08.26.13

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