Trendy Denim Outerwear!

Denim has definitely been brought back from the past! The fashion style from years ago incorporated a lot of denim jackets in many variations and now it has made their way back into this modern era. Denim jackets can be paired with anything and it brings a cool vibe to any outfit. It can be worn over a cute floral dress to keep your outfit casual or over a plain outfit to make it edgy.

Instead of the classic long-sleeve denim jackets, try the Issa Short-Sleeve Denim Jacket from GUESS. It is a great look for spring or summer and the short-sleeve brings more femininity to the outfit. It would look great with shorts, jeans, dresses, and skirts! This jacket sells for $118.00.


Who says biker jackets are only for the leather look? Try the Moto Blue Denim Biker Jacket from TOPSHOP! I love this look because it’s a different denim look that is unique and different from all the other classic denim jackets. I would recommend matching this with a pair of black or white pants to keep it simple and casual. This jacket sells for £55.00.


I really love wearing white! I think it brightens up any outfit and looks good with anything! Try the Distressed Longline Denim Jacket in Soft White from ASOS. It’s a great feminine look and perfect for a bright and sunny day! This jacket sells for $71.76.

ASOS Distressed Longline Denim Jacket in Soft White

By elvina - 09.01.13

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