Which dress fits your body shape?

In today’s world of fashion, it can be a challenge to know what to wear to flatter your body shape. Fashion can be like a tool, where you use it to change your body shape according to your preferences. There are ways to make your body shape look better or to hide the parts that you don’t like. Getting dressed is a whole lot easier when you know what clothing pieces works well with your body shape.

There are 5 main types of body shapes:

Apple – thick around the middle

Rectangle – petite, straight up and down

Pear – thick around the bottom

Inverted Triangle – think around the top, busty

Hourglass – curvy but evenly proportioned


For an Apple body shape, I chose a one-shoulder short dress with a lot of ruffles at the bottom that would really hide the middle portion of the body. You won’t even be able to see the thicker middle area! This dress sells for $159.00.

One Shoulder Party Dress

For a Rectangle body shape, I chose a cap sleeve short black dress that is tight around all areas so it’ll really show off your petite figure. Petite girls should definitely take advantage of tight dresses, because it flatters their body. This dress sells for $49.00.

Cap Sleeve Short Black Dress

For a Pear body shape, I chose a long sequin ball gown that has a wide bottom so it would hide the thicker bottom area and the focus of the dress would remain on the upper body part. This dress sells for $378.00.

Sequin Ball Gown by Night Moves 6499

For an Inverted Triangle body shape, I chose a long v-neck dress with ruffled shoulders so the ruffles would hide the larger shoulder areas and a v-neck would bring out the busty area. This dress sells for $169.00.

Long V-Neck Dress

For an Hourglass body shape, I chose a short metallic one-sleeve dress that is also a tight dress so it’ll flatter a curvy body shape. This dress sells for $79.00.

Short Metallic One Sleeve Dress by Jump

By elvina - 09.04.13

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