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Must Have Favourite Workout Clothes!

One of the biggest motivations for females to do anything is looking cute! I chose some of my favourite must-have workout clothes for looking confident and ready to work out!

You definitely must have a cute sport bra that is comfortable and looks good when the shirt is taken off. I love the sports bras from Victoria’s Secret because they are padded and have a nice shape for any body type. I chose the Studio Sport bra and it sells for $39.50.

Victoria's Secret Studio Sport bra

I really love to work out in dri-fit shorts because they are free and no sweat gets built up in my shorts. I love the short shorts from Lululemon, because they are low rise but still fit the body really well and make your legs look good. I chose the Speed Shorts and it sells for $58.00.

Lululemon Speed Shorts

Every girl must have a tank top in their gym attire wardrobe! Tank tops are the best clothing item to work out in! It gives you room to move around and gives you a lot of air. I like anything from Nike because they are mostly dri-fit so it’s great for sweating. I chose the women’s Nike Tank Top and it sells for $33.00.

Nike Tank Top

For cooler weather, I love to wear capris! They are usually tight and flatter the shape of your bottom and your legs. It is comfortable and you can look very cute in them. I chose the Adidas Women’s Supernova Running Capri and it sells for $50.00.

Adidas Women’s Supernova Running Capri

By elvina - 09.30.13

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