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Favourites from Betsey Johnson!

Betsey Johnson is an American designer best known for her feminine and whimsical designs! She grew up with a passion for dance and art. It was the combination of the two interests that led her to fashion designing. She loved the elaborate costumes that she wore while dancing which helped inspired her to do fashion designing as well.  She realizes that making clothes is completing what a drawing can’t be and it transforms the drawing from two dimensional to reality.


I really love her fashion collections because they are so girly and fun! You can have fun in her clothing items and every girl loves them! I have put together an outfit of all my favourite items by Betsey Johnson.

My favourite dress is the Sweetheart Cabbage Rose Dress and it sells for $132.00. I love the halter strap and the pattern of the dress. It’s very feminine and compliments the bust area.



My favourite handbag is the Hopeless Romantic Bucket Tote and it sells for $79.98. I usually don’t like metallic gold, but this metallic gold is soft and glowy. I love the cute bow placed on the front and it completes the handbag!

Hopeless Romantic Bucket Tote

My favourite pair of shoes is the SB-VOW and it sells for $149.00. I love the detailed jewels around the shoe and the blue base underneath the shoe. It’s so unique and fun!


By elvina - 10.18.13

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