Favourite Looks from Pretty Little Liars!

Pretty Little Liars is a show about four best friends who are connected by one girl name Alison, who has been murdered. The four girls – Aria, Hannah, Emily, and Spencer – are being harassed via text message, email, and random dangerous appearances by an anonymous ‘A’ who knows their deep, dark secrets. The show revolves around the quest to find out who murdered Alison and who the bully behind all the harassments is.

Aside from running into life-threatening situations, they have the greatest sense of style and always look good. They seem to always strut their style while in class, shopping, or while they are being tackled by a killer. I love that all four girls have different fashion styles which makes them a unique group of girls on television.

Aria Montgomery carries a mature attitude which led her to a relationship with her high school teacher. Her style reflects on her sophisticated personality and she loves to layer, mix and match, and stick with darker colours. She has a feminine style but with an edge. I love this look, because she is wearing a detailed top with a solid coloured skirt which gives her a bit of a bohemian look and she adds the leather jacket for an edgy look.

Aria Montgomery

Emily Fields is a sweet girl who is confused on who she loves, a gal or a boy? She is the athlete of the group and her style is very laid-back and sporty. She is often seen wearing a messenger bag and sporting sneakers. I love this casual look on her because she’s simply just layering her clothes with a hoodie and a jacket but pairs it with a beanie and wavy hair to keep her feminine look.

Emily Fields

Hanna Marin is the blonde Queen Bee of the group and her style resembles her glamorous and feminine personality. She loves to stand out and is very girly. I love this look, because she is wearing a long flowy pink feminine dress but she still keeps it casual.

Hanna Marin

Spencer Hastings is the brains of the group. She is an over-achiever and her preppy style reflects on her family’s rich lifestyle and Ivy League dreams. Her style is very polished and put together, and keeps it very feminine and political. I love this look, because she keeps its classy and mysterious with her scarf!

Spencer Hastings


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By elvina - 10.22.13

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