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Urban Decay is an American cosmetics company founded in 1996 by Sandy Lerner, and the brand is now primarily sold in mid to high-end beauty stores such as Ulta, Sephora, and Macy’s. Urban Decay does not employ animal testing in the creation of their products and marks on its website which products are considered vegan.

Urban Decay cosmetics are very popular with women in their teens to middle-aged. They have products for everything and they are mostly known for their Naked palettes. With a little research, I have chosen a few of the best Urban Decay products that I would recommend trying!

The Naked palette is 12 different colours and shades of beige shadows, neutrals, glitters, shimmer and some darker matte colours. It is the perfect palette for summer because it will look great with tanning products and bronzers. There isn’t a single skin tone that will not look good with this palette and the combinations are endless! The second Naked palette has a more cool and gray tone but it is still as good! They both sell for $50.00.

NAKED PALETTE by Urban Decay

NAKED2 PALETTE by Urban Decay

The Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadows are highly pigmented and last a really long time. They also blend really well and have a good selection of colours. The colours are unique and vibrant and there is no need for an eyeshadow primer! This product sells for $18.00 each.

Eyeshadow by Urban Decay

The Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liners are glitter eyeliners! It is a very fun product and the glitter level gives just the right amount of sparkle and it’s great to use for a night out. They can also be used as the perfect gifts for your girlfriends! This product sells for $18.00 each.


Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner by Urban Decay


By elvina - 11.06.13

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