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A Brighter Smile for a Brighter You

Published on 10.08.14

Boasting a set of pearly whites is one of the best ways to feel confident and attractive. In fact, it has even been shown that whiter smiles lead to better prospects in the world of employment. Thanks to modern technology and websites such as, it has never been easier to find a relevant specialist, […]

Which pair of sunglasses fit your face?

Published on 09.23.13

Sunglasses are popular accessories worn by women and men! The main purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun but it has gradually turned into an essential part of your fashion style now! There are so many different looks for sunglasses that come in many shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns. The key […]

How to Lengthen your Eyelashes!

Published on 09.09.13

Women always crave to have long eyelashes to look more attractive and alluring! Unfortunately, some women are born with short eyelashes and apply tons of mascara to add volume to their eyelashes but it still doesn’t lengthen the eyelashes. It costs a lot of money to always have to buy fake eyelashes to achieve the […]

Simple Unique Nail Trends!

Published on 08.09.13

Do you ever get bored of your nails being painted a solid basic colour? Want to try something new with your nails? Try these easy-to-do nail designs that will grab attention to your nails! Two Colour Tone Manicure is a combination of two solid colours! It is recommended to choose two bold and bright colours […]

Which Face Mask Works For you?

Published on 08.05.13

A facial mask is a skin product that applies on your face, just like a mask, and should be kept on for about 20 to 30 minutes. They come in a form of facial cream that requires to be washed away with water. Face masks help enhance the temperature of skin, open the skin’s pores, […]

How to style your bangs!

Published on 08.01.13

Want to freshen up your boring hairstyle? Bangs are a popular hairstyle for females! It can also be very hard to style and to coordinate to your face structure. Bangs help shape your face and enhance a more youthful look! You can have bangs with any kind of hairstyle as long as you know how […]

Want to get rid of your acne? Try Clinique’s 3-step skin care system!

Published on 07.23.13

I used to have a few pimples on my face but they weren’t too bad. One day, I got a huge pimple on my forehead and it looked like a third eye. My first thought was to find the best way to get rid of it and to get rid of pimples altogether. I did […]

Floral hair accessories!

Published on 07.17.13

Floral headpieces are the perfect accessories to compliment your hair! They will make you look very feminine and lady-like and bring a happy and cheerful tone to your overall look! There are many ways you can style your hair with floral accessories and you can use them for any occasion! It brings colour to your […]