Cult of Personalities – Fashion Verbatim Wed, 08 Oct 2014 23:07:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 THE DOPE SHOW AT YOHJI YAMAMOTO FALL ’12 Mon, 05 Mar 2012 13:30:41 +0000 The clothes from the Yohji Yamamoto Fall ’12 runway, fashioned for a futurist ice queen of hearts, needs to be available in stores this INSTANT, because this is precisely how I feel down to the moment. The collection projects an obtuse sexual power, carrying both quiet anarchy and geometric dissonance in spades. I wouldn’t feel right sullying the surgical dexterity of Yamamoto’s lines with my my standard #HASHTEXT.

The visual metaphors speak to duality, rebellion, and opacity. Life is what you hide as much as it is what you reveal…the proverbial sly wink to oneself.

More sublimation after the jump, along with the only two looks we decided to #UNFOLLOW. Carry on…

The cutting asymmetry of the black and navy caped ensemble (above left) is perfect when paired with sharp-toed flats and navy lipstick. Jut and flow cut and sew, if you will. And while I’m aware that one’s first thought when looking at the punk paperboy samurai (above right) is that a belt swap is needed for wearability, I’d love to see the fabric twisted up and around the neck in front, into a full-torso scarf.

The boots and gloves help give the perfect impression that nothing is quite right anywhere you look (above left), and while I would have loved to see some micromesh in the chest/collarbone area (above right), this Cruella-de-sac just works. Minus the shoes.

Low points were few…

I MEANNNN if owned this dress (above left), I wouldn’t walk around with my hand in my pocket like that, lest someone hand me a huge notebook to hold in front of my hip area. The above right sexy snuggie also seemed too sloppy in context, but it is so Marilyn Manson Dope Show which, at the moment, is spot the fuck on.

My pre-tribute to the show, taken at the Deathface party I hosted a couple of weeks back– you already saw the blue hair. Are you there, Yamamoto? It’s me #LILGOV.

Images: Nowfashion, Adrienne Berlin

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IMPULSE BUY: SUNO CARDIGAN + VPL SHORTS VIA STEL’S Fri, 17 Feb 2012 20:56:08 +0000 Stel’s in Boston (slash on the internet) always has an influx of classic-yet-off pieces by labels like Assembly and Jeunesse. I popped in yesterday for my standard weekly 2-hour hangout (and top secret future project brainstorm) and couldn’t help but combine a couple things from the latest shipment with the signature jank I was already wearing.

Cardigan by Suno ($340) and VPL shorts (also $340), both available at Stel’s; call 617.262.3348, as these pieces are too new to be online quite yet. The sleeveless 2003 Kenny Chesney tour t-shirt (priceless) is all me.

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#TRENDING 2K12: GOING BACK TO YOUR ROOTS Fri, 17 Feb 2012 03:36:04 +0000 Having burned through just about every schizophrenic hair color there is (white, elderly-gray, striped, pink-streaked, dirty turquoise amongst others, with photos for LOLz after the jump) in my transition from REAL ACTUAL WOMAN to pansexual internet queen, I was recently beginning to feel as if I’d hit an impasse: should I just go natural? Bored by the interesting, but not entirely sold on the boring, this was my compromise. Forget ombré and look forward to exaggerated teenage roots in #2K12. Love it.

When you can’t decide between two styles, it’s generally best to just mash it all together and say #IDGAF, as shown above. All the credit goes to Patty Martin (color) and Kara Hurston (cut) from Shag salon in Boston for what is #IMO the perfect root-heavy Yves Klein blue and (secret) undercut.

I couldn’t find pictures of every color/cut combination I’ve had over the past 2 years (I was crying in the only pics I found of me with flesh colored bangs– those are precious), but click through for my chronologically fuzzy retrospective. If only big government was capable of changing as quickly as @LILGOVERNMENT

I have to shout out fellow #seapunk princess @ZOMBELLE_ for having the same hair as I did in the last pic, at the exact same time, before we had ever seen each other. Just #waving at you, Shan <3

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SURFING THE NETSTYL.ES WITH PICTUREPLANE + VARIOUS ARTISTS Wed, 15 Feb 2012 12:00:25 +0000 I have to hand it to Sterling Crispin for curating this tight arsenal of curious, hypergraphic tees designed by some of our favorite #artists (including himself), via the online shop. Only ten editions of each t-shirt will be available, priced across the board at $147 each. I loved Pictureplane‘s interpretation so much (government name: Travis Egedy) that I asked him to model his shirt, “trance end” (below), for us.

For another sexy Travis pinup shot and my own thoughts on some  of the other artists’ designs, continue…

Rafael Rozendaal‘s design, “” (below) is geometric and pure in form, and for me brings to mind a utopian global-colony sports uniform.

Of the designs we didn’t show here, Crispin’s own made an interesting reference to the body underneath it, with its “transparent background” checkerboard areas. Ryder Ripps‘ McDonald’s/Monster/Facebook/Under Armour/etc. juxtaposition was certainly in line with the corporate humor trend, if not a bit of a DIS-tillation.

To me the project is perfectly #2K12; a mix of talents, with no overbearing brand message outside of the product. Find your own favorite and buy it here.

Photos of Pictureplane by Colin Ward.

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Anyone who knows me IRL or follows me on twitter knows that my affinity for Young Money is likely worthy of some type of medical diagnosis. I won’t even talk about how it is one of my many dreams in life to style a Drake video (other than the fact that I just did) mainly because homeboy has been consistently KILLING IT without my help. Observe:

After the jump, a few style highlights from this trap masterpiece. Y’all don’t even know doe…This video dropped in late 2011 and Drizzy (Below) was already rocking the North Face x Supreme capsule collab (and you know filming wrapped before anyone else could get their peasant mitts on that), but he really won my heart with the multiple watches. SURE, I could be mad I was on that tip in early 2011 but my timepieces didn’t exactly have the same caché so I will give him a pass. Drake, I love you- call me!

Can we also talk about Lil Wayne‘s affinity for wild and crazy footwear (Below)? He has been papped wearing pretty much every kooky Jeremy Scott sneaker in existence, including the plush teddy bears and giant wings. I consider him an expert at fashion trolling, considering that if you google “Lil Wayne pants The Motto” pretty much every link talks about how “gay” his pants are (I am not condoning use of the term, FYI). Happy to hand the credit to Nick Grant over at Complex for identifying the boots here as custom-painted Terence Koh x Opening Ceremony x Forfex (customized by Gerlan?), which may indeed be the earliest documented precursor to burgeoning microculture Slimepunk.

Yeah, yeah. It’s cool to see Amoeba (Below) get a nod in a rap video. Moving on.

Last but not least, Tyga‘s King Tut medallion is seriously off the chain (LOL KILL ME 4 THAT 1)…for a video that is devoid of 1,000 superfluous costume changes, these boyz certainly get their point across.

YOUNG $$$!

Images: My screengrabs, Tyga Website

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AMY’S WINEHOUSE LEFT US ON A HIGH NOTE WITH HER LAST COLLECTION FOR FRED PERRY Tue, 03 Jan 2012 18:01:04 +0000 English tennis-wear brand Fred Perry’s final Amy Winehouse collection, designed by the late icon, just premiered (posthumously) online this week. Winehouse’s passing was a sad loss for both the music and fashion communities. The singer’s look was just as iconic as her voice; a messy, slapstick flash/trash reinterpretation of classic girl group The Ronettes’ body-hugging dresses, tall beehives and heavily lined eyes. A fashion trendsetter and muse to Karl Lagerfeld in her prime, it’s no wonder that she, like many other celebrities, ended up collaborating with a clothing line. Here’s a peek at Amy’s final collection with Perry:

As it turns out, Perry and Winehouse were the near-perfect team to interpret Spring ’12’s retro bad girl. Pieces like this kitschy, nostalgic printed top (Above Left) and cotton-candy half-zip (Above Right) are so drenched in Americana, they have us ready for a literal Pink Ladies resurgence. Prada already had us kicked into gear for this look, and as you’re aware, we have been feeling the microshorts as well…

The same pastel print resurfaced on this weird-cum-wonderful waitress’ uniform (Above Left), which could be styled into a day- or nighttime option, and we also adore the brilliant Robin’s egg blue of this femme polo (Above Right). With fashion houses like Vuitton, Chanel and Nina Ricci cosigning the Easter-worthy palette this season, we’re definitely feeling the confection connection.

Images: Fred Perry

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KELLY WEARSTLER LAUNCHES RESORT Tue, 13 Dec 2011 16:19:24 +0000 I will say what so few others seem unwilling to: I’m sick of celebrity clothing collections. Utterly, utterly bored of them.

Why? Well, save for the notably successful Olsen sisters and Spice-Girl-cum-Fashion-Icon Victoria Beckham, most licensed ‘collections’ are down-market, lowest-common-denominator attempts to capitalize on the brand equity of a celebrity’s name. Not that I don’t understand the trend: whether we accept or buck the pervasive predilection, the truth is that we live in the golden age of the BRAND. Quality, construction, and even originality are peripheral considerations, when they are considered at all. Consumers want caché, and who better than a favorite celebrity obsession to give it to them?

Celebrity Designer Kelly Wearstler (Above) appears to be a notable new exception. Though she is perhaps best known for her interior design work (images Below)–she designed interiors for Bergdorf Goodman’s BG lounge, the Viceroy collection of boutique hotels, and more private residential projects than I care to list–she has managed to transition into a respectable apparel designer. Her clothes and accessories err on the quieter side of her Hollywood-Regency-meets-color-clashing-circus aesthetic, featuring silhouettes and finishes with a decidedly feminine perspective. Marbled prints, geode cuffs, structural stripes — these are the touchstones of her interior design work, yes, but few before her have managed to translate them so beautifully into clothing.

Though mass-produced and sold at a handful of luxury retailers–Bergdorf Goodman, Holt Renfrew, Nieman Marcus, Net-a-porter, among others–each piece appears handmade, idiosyncratic in its print and finishes. The work owes its arresting nuances to the materials Wearstler is attempting to recreate–marble, malachite, pyrite, jade, rosewood, mica, bleached driftwood–but the effect stands wholly on its own.

She may not yet be a household name, but the work Kelly Wearstler is creating proves she’s not going anywhere.

If we’re lucky, anyway.

Get more, HERE.

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EARWORM: JESSIE J – NOBODY’S PERFECT Tue, 18 Oct 2011 21:33:50 +0000

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GAGA “GOES NORMAL” BY MORPHING INTO XTINA LOHAN Sat, 13 Aug 2011 06:22:08 +0000 Yesterday, The Cut asked us whether Gags’ more understated look (for her anyway) is a “nice change,” or whether we prefer the no-holds-barred, live-oyster-dress-that-regurgitates-natural-pearls type of getup she usually aims for. I’d answer, but I’m too busy contemplating what top secret Hollywood puppy mill this bacterial Aguilera-Lohan hybrid creature escaped from. See Gaga (Below Left) and Aguilera (Below Right).

I admit it: I LIKE this look! Now I can make that Lady Gaga for Sevin Nyne blingee I’ve been pushing down my to-do list for the past six months. Despite all that Leigh Bowery wannabe face paint and Wagyu for Margiela peacoat tartare, I think Gags is coming to terms with the fact that being interesting is REALLY HARD when you run out of icons to mimic. Stars… they’re just like… every other star.

Images: The Cut, Zimbio

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MEH CITY, POPULATION: US Thu, 28 Jul 2011 04:25:36 +0000 Does this image from Marie Claire look familiar? Elle did indeed look amazing on her Love cover, but really…

Not to bag on the mainstream mags, which serve an entirely different purpose than the high-fashion roster, but really? Marie Claire is ahead of you in concept?

It’s a sad day for Love Mag…

Image: Marie Claire

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