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There’s Something About Kate…

Published on 08.17.06

Adrian Kate Moss is an icon and I’m sure we all know it already. Even if you hadn’t heard about her before last year, you surely have by now. Her rock-inspired, thrown together, casual chic style has been emulated a gazillion times over and I would argue she single-handedly brought back the tapered jean (anyone […]

The Dilution of the Trend

Published on 08.17.06

The Dilution of the Trend Adrian “The Return of Grunge”. “The new, voluminous silhouette”. “Black is back!” Headlines from the September 2006 Vogue? Possibly, but I beg to differ. Sure, grunge, volume, and black are huge trends for the upcoming fall season. But, wait a minute, haven’t these been the same few trends for the […]

Plea to Sienna

Published on 08.17.06

Dear Sienna Miller, Oh, how times have changed! You were once the darling of the fashionable set – your boho chic style, flowing blond locks, and much-sought-after-guy-of-the-moment, Jude Law, made you the envy of stylish hipsters and celebifans (fans who want to be celebrity) around the world. But now it’s come down to a haphazard […]

Wishing away summer…

Published on 08.15.06

As the summer crawls to an end and the thought of school comes closer to the front our your brain, I thought I should post a little article about fall fashions —————————————————————————————— Thinking Inside the Box By Adrian Say goodbye to frills and dainty frocks. Fall brings a refreshingly strong, linear look! While this fall’s […]

This is the beginning of a beautiful…..

Published on 08.15.06

Hi everyone!! This blog will become your source for all that is fashion and style. The latest commentary on celebrity looks, fashion shows, and the coolest dressers from around Toronto. I thought it would only be appropriate to post a few of the iconic images that inspire me. Enjoy!