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Published on 10.18.11


Published on 08.13.11

Yesterday, The Cut asked us whether Gags’ more understated look (for her anyway) is a “nice change,” or whether we prefer the no-holds-barred, live-oyster-dress-that-regurgitates-natural-pearls type of getup she usually aims for. I’d answer, but I’m too busy contemplating what top secret Hollywood puppy mill this bacterial Aguilera-Lohan hybrid creature escaped from. See Gaga (Below Left) […]


Published on 07.28.11

Does this image from Marie Claire look familiar? Elle did indeed look amazing on her Love cover, but really… Not to bag on the mainstream mags, which serve an entirely different purpose than the high-fashion roster, but really? Marie Claire is ahead of you in concept? It’s a sad day for Love Mag… Image: Marie […]

Daria Werbowy Goes Sailing

Published on 05.23.11

I have nothing but pure admiration for this supermodel. Daria Werbowy hails from the greater Toronto area, and has gone on to be one of the largest names in modeling – being that she’s only 27, there’s more than enough time to go when it comes to her success. What’s most astounding is how she’s […]

Gwen, Being Her Icon Self

Published on 05.20.11

It’s been a break – I’ve been away, and many apologies. What’s good? Lots of celebrities in outfits that have been absolutely unreal. That and an abundance of eye candy shopping when it comes to goods on the west coast (I was recently in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Can you imagine the […]

More Palermo

Published on 05.03.11

Clearly, the fille of the moment. She’s stunning, that Olivia. What’s more remarkable is what she puts together – lavender shoes, forest green top, pleated washed tweet skirt. Sherpa jacket. Lush. Something to mimic.

Olivia Palermo in Vogue España

Published on 05.01.11

Olivia Palermo – looking frighteningly perfect as per usual. There’s something about her waif natural way that makes her so endearing. That and her coveted hair and perfect features might have something do with it. Being petite and commanding is a fairly enviable trait. And those shoes? Unreal.

Britney x Dolce and Gabbana?

Published on 03.31.11

It’s a first look at a second comeback for Brit. Dolce & Gabbana is the choice pick for outfits in Femme Fatale, Spears’ new album just dropped (a summation of power techno-ish anthems. Not complaining) Thank goodness – she was in dire need of a make-up-and-over, a welcome change from the flipflops and hulkingly awkward […]