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Heavy-Handed: Bags that Mean Business

Published on 10.11.06

Guns are banned. So are knives. Important measures to secure social safety, right? Of course, although society has overlooked one of the most threatening and potentially lethal items to safety – women’s handbags. Yes, with designers creating handbags fashioned with heavy hardware (think grommets, chains, metal closures, life-like lockets) and whip-like appendages (lariat strings, tassels, […]

Please go Away: Stripes!

Published on 10.09.06

Black & white or multicolour. Thick or thin. A lot or a few. No matter what version you are referring to, I hate stripes. Period. (www.urbanoutffitters.com) I know I have expressed my distaste for this prisoner pattern many times before, but yet I still see this horrendous linear pattern everywhere I go. Its popularity makes […]