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Published on 08.01.09

This weekend, in between your date with Josh Beech and mulling over Sir Phillip Green’s offer to give you your own Topshop capsule collection, hopefully you can find time to enter our little contest. Thanks to our friends at Chickdowntown.com, we’re giving away two Elizabeth and James Deconstructed Tees. Click here to enter- it’s easy! […]


Published on 07.22.09

Certain essential items make your entire wardrobe more workable. My favorite way to keep pieces like vintage Missoni sequin leggings or pink velvet hot pants from going way over the top is with a roughed up, basic t-shirt in a pallid noncolor. There are two ways to acquire the perfect tee: 1. Wait for your friend […]


Published on 04.17.09

The hottest boyfriend denim around of the moment – courtesy of chickdowntown.com and Fashion Verbatim. The winner of this prize gave not only one great look for What to Wear with these bottoms, but provided THREE. Pictured above is just the ‘chic’ visualization of her entry. Congratulations Rochelle – well deserved indeed. The denim is […]

WIN A pair of Current/Elliot Jeans from FASHION VERBATIM

Published on 03.25.09

They’re the most sought after go-to brand for boyfriend jeans. Everyone needs a day off to look slighty-less-than-polished, and these are the perfect excuse. Here it is – you can win your own pair of Current/Elliot premium denim boyfriend jeans (in Super Love Destroyed), courtesy of chickdowntown.com, a great place for women’s designer clothing. To […]

A Little Update

Published on 03.22.09

It’s been a little quiet around here in Fashion Verbatim-land, things have been so hectic on the backend that it’s been a tad difficult to keep up. However, I promise that we will be doing a few great giveaways before you can even say “salty”. So stay in touch and come visit soon, things will […]

Fashion Verbatim Hiatus – FIVE DAYS IN NEW YORK

Published on 05.15.08

I’m leaving tomorrow for New York and returning next Tuesday. That’s right, the North American Fashion Mecca. Perhaps I’ll bump into Marc Jacobs. And save for Ms. Menkes, has anyone ever questioned his godliness?

Disco is Dead…Don’t Mean we Can’t Party

Published on 05.01.08

So Saturday night was the Studio 54-themed Buy Design for Windfall Gala (www.buydesignforwindfall.ca/). As a whole, the event was a success (or would “groovy” be more apt?) A larger than life photograph of me (dressed up, of course, a la Andy/Halston) sold for $100 at the silent auction. If that wasn’t painful enough, I was […]

When Fashion Talk Turns Ugly

Published on 04.29.08

“Fashion” words and idioms are hardly a nascent invention. But while previous efforts meandered safely within the realm of affordable fashions (see Clueless [1995] for its many Valspeak additions to this category), this newest breed of fashion jargon is fiercely eyeing the industry’s firmament – haute couture. Blame Tyra for this one. So while you […]