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MY DIY Coat: The Result

Published on 12.05.07

Fans of Fashion Verbatim may remember my D.I.Y. coat. If not, the starting pieces are outlined in the second picture. Above is the finished result – and yes, it does keep my knees remarkably warm.

Dear Chris, may I Call you Chris?

Published on 09.26.07

Dear C. Bailey, I know it’s hard being the David Beckham of the fashion world. It’s difficult having the fashion crowd flip-flop between loving and loathing you like the Britney Spears does with that thing called Fate. We loved you when you cropped the iconic mac to within an inch of immodesty and even more […]

Chanel Blogger Extravaganza: Part Three

Published on 09.18.07

The next stop on the Chanel itinerary was the Ritz Bar, an apposite venue since the Ritz Hotel, not the frequently touted Rue Cambon apartments, is where Coco slept, ate, and dressed. Formal dining, business meetings, and entertaining were reserved exclusively for her private apartments. As I would later understand, the odd inhabitance is hardly […]

Chanel Blogger Extravaganza: Part Two

Published on 09.13.07

The next morning, I awoke early to roam the streets of Paris with Betsy, Jean, and Ann. After popping in for a quick takeaway at those fabulous boulangeries/patisseries marking every Parisian street corner (think Starbucks in Seattle), we made our way around the City of Lights, ending our mini exploration at Notre Dame (pictured above). […]

Adrian’s 3-Step D.I.Y. Winter Coat

Published on 09.12.07

Keeping in step with the Chanel theme of Fashion Verbatim, this is my old black, double-breasted coat that Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld had designed for that capsule H & M collection. Priding myself on being a sore thumb, I immediately eschewed the black buttons that came on the coat, replacing them with metallic naval-inspired buttons. I […]

Chanel Blogger Extravaganza: Part One

Published on 09.12.07

I’ve had divine communication. And maybe a bit of transcendence. Okay, maybe not in the most literal sense. Or, to be honest, maybe not by most people’s standards. But that’s not to say it wasn’t just as divine for me. After all, any fashionable who doubts the divinity of a floral jasmine-rose accord (Coco Mademoiselle, […]

Recent Purchases: Sun Stuff

Published on 09.10.07

Recent Purchases: Happy Little Piggies

Published on 09.10.07