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Recent Purchases: Dior (Homme) Galore

Published on 09.10.07

Recent Purchases: A Prada Story

Published on 09.10.07

Recent Purchases: Black and White (and Grey)

Published on 09.10.07

Guess Who’s Back?

Published on 09.10.07

Yes, the wait is over! Adrian has returned from his summer long European voyage from Italy to Austria and a Chanel Weekend in Paris (more on that later!) Look out for posts in the next while covering a few of my purchases over the last little while and my 2-day extravaganza in Paris, thanks to […]

Abscence makes the heart grow…Fashion Hungry?

Published on 07.05.07

Image from new Vogue Italia. Credit TFS. I do apologize for my absence from Fashion Verbatim. Unfortunately, I’ve spent the last 5 days in a hospital in Edinburgh. It doesn’t look to be life-threatening, but I can tell you that age offers no immunity. Although being in the hospital for this extended period did make […]

New Posts Soon!

Published on 06.06.07

Sorry for the lack of posts. Getting Internet setup is hell, so I’ll leave you with some beautiful pics of Edinburgh and my place. The drought will end tonight!


Published on 05.30.07

Sorry for the lack of posting. I’m in the processing of packing for my move to the UK. 120 pounds of luggage doesn’t look very generous at the moment. I’ll do my best ‘tll then….A Photos: vmagazine.com

Fab Friday News Roundup!

Published on 05.25.07

Lacroix to Unveil New La Redoute Line– WWD Posh to Judge London Fashion Event– U TV Live Tom Ford After Sex– New York To see more of the week’s biggest fashion news stories, visit FabSugar