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Before street style photography took over the fashion industry, or it was even an organized subgenre, William Klein produced this image that captures the appeal of today’s street style phenomenon. Shot for Vogue in 1960, this photo is a true testament to how revolutionary Klein’s work was at the time.

The unique angle makes us feel that we’re voyeurs, catching a glimpse of the passing interaction of two unbelievably chic women. While it is apparent that they are models (Simone & Nina, at the Piazza di Spagna) in a staged scene, that quick over-the-shoulder glance is realistic, even commonplace- subtle, yet powerful.

The myriad stripes of the sidewalk and the two dresses are graphic and strong in black-and-white, and perfectly framed. This classic photograph (which we noticed is available for purchase via the Howard Greenberg Gallery, for those with ambitious Christmas wishes) still captures the feeling of fashion today.

Image: Chris Beetles

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SNAPSHOT: STRANGE GAZE Thu, 13 Oct 2011 16:23:03 +0000
Image: Fashion Gone Rogue

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