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Current Obsession: BOOTS!

Boots come in many different styles and can be worn all year round! Boots will look great with your outfit if you coordinate it well. There are many boots that can be worn with pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses! It is such a versatile pair of shoes and every girl must have them in their closet!

Ankle boots look good with skirts, because it is very feminine at the top of the outfit but look edgy and bold at the bottom with a pair of ankle boots. It is good to change your outfit and keep it unique. I chose the Lucille Suede Ankle Boots from Whistles and it sells for $247.50.


Mid-calf boots are in between knee high boots and ankle boots. They are perfect for when you want a pair of boots that are not too short and not too high. Mid-calf boots would look great with any pair of tights or with a mini-skirt! I chose the Claudia Leather and Snakeskin Mid-Calf Boots by Rachel Zoe and it sells for $267.74!

Claudia Leather and Snakeskin Mid-Calf Boot

My favourite is a pair of cowboy boots! I think they are so fun to wear and bring a western taste to your outfit. They are best paired with denim jeans or shorts, and preferably a plaid shirt to complete the western look! I chose the Ariat Women’s Heritage Western Boots from Boot Barn and it sells for $149.99.

Ariat Women's Heritage Western Boots

Knee-high boots are a must for the fall and winter seasons! They keep you warm and are still fashionable to wear. They also help with extending the appearance of your legs’ length. I chose the Livingston Suede Riding Boots by Tory Burch and it sells for $596.17.

 Tory Burch Livingston Suede Riding Boots


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How to Lengthen your Eyelashes!

Women always crave to have long eyelashes to look more attractive and alluring! Unfortunately, some women are born with short eyelashes and apply tons of mascara to add volume to their eyelashes but it still doesn’t lengthen the eyelashes. It costs a lot of money to always have to buy fake eyelashes to achieve the longer eyelashes look. There are a few natural ways to lengthen your eyelashes or try lash accelerator mascaras!

Natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil are really good for lengthening your eyelashes! All you need to do is use an applicator such as a thin brush to apply the oil onto your eyelashes and do it every night before you sleep. The oils contain lengthening agents that moisturize your eyelashes as well.

olive oil

The intake of Vitamin E is also very useful in lengthening your eyelashes. You can just simple take Vitamin E internally on a daily basis and it will make your lashes grow longer and increase blood circulation that help your scalp and hair to become healthy. Another method is to use Vitamin E lotion and you can apply the lotion on your eyelashes as well.

Vitamin E

Biotin is a natural pill that is necessary for cell growth and is found in many cosmetics and health products for the hair and skin. It helps increase the growth rate of the hair, thus, it is also effective in lengthening your eyelashes. You can just purchase this pill from any nearby drug store and it comes packaged in a bottle.


The method that I used to lengthen my eyelashes was Rimmel London’s Lash Accelerator mascara.  I used to have very short eyelashes and within a few weeks of using this lash accelerator mascara, I saw results in my eyelashes! It really did lengthen my eyelashes and now they are noticeable! You can purchase this mascara at a nearby store such as Wal-Mart or Target and it is also under $10! I really recommend this product.

Rimmel London’s Lash Accelerator mascara

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Which dress fits your body shape?

In today’s world of fashion, it can be a challenge to know what to wear to flatter your body shape. Fashion can be like a tool, where you use it to change your body shape according to your preferences. There are ways to make your body shape look better or to hide the parts that you don’t like. Getting dressed is a whole lot easier when you know what clothing pieces works well with your body shape.

There are 5 main types of body shapes:

Apple – thick around the middle

Rectangle – petite, straight up and down

Pear – thick around the bottom

Inverted Triangle – think around the top, busty

Hourglass – curvy but evenly proportioned


For an Apple body shape, I chose a one-shoulder short dress with a lot of ruffles at the bottom that would really hide the middle portion of the body. You won’t even be able to see the thicker middle area! This dress sells for $159.00.

One Shoulder Party Dress

For a Rectangle body shape, I chose a cap sleeve short black dress that is tight around all areas so it’ll really show off your petite figure. Petite girls should definitely take advantage of tight dresses, because it flatters their body. This dress sells for $49.00.

Cap Sleeve Short Black Dress

For a Pear body shape, I chose a long sequin ball gown that has a wide bottom so it would hide the thicker bottom area and the focus of the dress would remain on the upper body part. This dress sells for $378.00.

Sequin Ball Gown by Night Moves 6499

For an Inverted Triangle body shape, I chose a long v-neck dress with ruffled shoulders so the ruffles would hide the larger shoulder areas and a v-neck would bring out the busty area. This dress sells for $169.00.

Long V-Neck Dress

For an Hourglass body shape, I chose a short metallic one-sleeve dress that is also a tight dress so it’ll flatter a curvy body shape. This dress sells for $79.00.

Short Metallic One Sleeve Dress by Jump

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Trendy Denim Outerwear!

Denim has definitely been brought back from the past! The fashion style from years ago incorporated a lot of denim jackets in many variations and now it has made their way back into this modern era. Denim jackets can be paired with anything and it brings a cool vibe to any outfit. It can be worn over a cute floral dress to keep your outfit casual or over a plain outfit to make it edgy.

Instead of the classic long-sleeve denim jackets, try the Issa Short-Sleeve Denim Jacket from GUESS. It is a great look for spring or summer and the short-sleeve brings more femininity to the outfit. It would look great with shorts, jeans, dresses, and skirts! This jacket sells for $118.00.


Who says biker jackets are only for the leather look? Try the Moto Blue Denim Biker Jacket from TOPSHOP! I love this look because it’s a different denim look that is unique and different from all the other classic denim jackets. I would recommend matching this with a pair of black or white pants to keep it simple and casual. This jacket sells for £55.00.


I really love wearing white! I think it brightens up any outfit and looks good with anything! Try the Distressed Longline Denim Jacket in Soft White from ASOS. It’s a great feminine look and perfect for a bright and sunny day! This jacket sells for $71.76.

ASOS Distressed Longline Denim Jacket in Soft White

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Let’s bring back animal prints!

Animal print never goes out of style and anyone can make it trending again! It can be tough to style animal print clothing but with the right combinations, it will look amazing. I think animal print works best when it is used as an accent, so only one item of your outfit would be animal printed pattern. It would make the outfit unique and different from the others! When it comes to animal prints – less is more. Make sure you don’t wear too much animal print clothing in one outfit!

An animal printed shirt is a popular one! It would look great with denim jeans or tucked into a black skirt. It should never be paired with another patterned item, because it will look too complicated and take the attention away from the shirt.

Animal Printed Shirt

Animal printed shoes are so cute! They should be coordinated with a simple outfit so it brings out the shoes. I would recommend wearing outfits that don’t hover over your shoes so you can show them off!

Animal Printed Shoes

One that I don’t see often at all is animal printed belts! It’s kind of like a random hint of animal print to complete the outfit. I would recommend a small to medium sized belt, because a large belt would be too much.

Animal Printed Belt

A scarf is a necessity for cooler weather! An animal printed scarf would look great with solid colours as well and a scarf can be styled in any way so it’s always fun to have a scarf!

Animal Printed Scarf

For a cute summer or spring look, try wearing an animal printed skirt! It would also look great with accessories that would match your skirt such as the beige bracelet that matches the beige colour on the skirt.

Animal Printed Skirt

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Celebrity Fashion Icon: Blake Lively

Blake Lively is best known for her role as Serena Van der Woodsen on CW’s Gossip Girl! I didn’t really notice her when she appeared on The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants but her fashion style on Gossip Girl has captured my attention forever. She’s such a versatile fashion icon and looks amazing in anything she wears! She is also one of the very few celebrities that do not have a stylist so she chooses everything that fits her body. She is tall and has long sexy legs that can pull off any outfit. She has great facial features as well! She always flaunts her outfits with amazing poise and confidence.

I think her legs are her best features of her body! She looks amazing wearing shorts or mini dresses and it looks like her legs were extended to be longer! It definitely brings out her confidence which completes the outfit!

Blake Lively Shorts and Mini Skirts

Her street style is an inspiration! She’s not wearing a glamourous outfit as she usually does but she still manages to look amazing! I love that she can be in a simple outfit on the street but still maintain the same confident poise she always does.

Blake Lively Street Style

My favourite outfit from her is a hot pink strapless dress! This is when I truly fell in love with her fashion style! Her tanned glowing skin works so well with a bright pink dress! The dress shows off her curves and compliments her whole body overall.

Blake Lively Hot Pink Strapless Dress

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Summer Looks For His and Her!

It’s summer time and you’re looking for a vast variety of clothing wear and accessories, here are a couple of looks I have created for his and her!

For her, I have chosen the burgundy High Neck Frill Top by Oasis, and it sells for £30.00. This top is very feminine and classy and the frills add a bit of fun to the top. I love the burgundy colour because it’s soft but edgy because of the darker shade of colour. I’ve decided to pair this top with the navy Dapper Print Flare Skirt by Mango, and it sells for £29.99. The top would look great tucked into the skirt and it completes this cute outfit! This outfit is great for a casual date or having lunch with a few girlfriends. For shoes, it’s good to keep it simple so I’ve chosen the black SwayMeSo3 Patent Heels by Nine West, and it sells for £80.00.

Oasis High Neck Frill Top, Burgundy

Mango Dapper Print Flare Skirt, Navy

Nine West SwayMeSo3 Patent Heels , Black

For him, I have chosen a Mini Check Short Sleeve Shirt by Ben Sherman, and it sells for £60.00. This is a great top for Spring or Summer weather and collar shirts are also trending for men! I paired this top with dark red Garment Dye Shorts by John Lewis, and it sells for £40.00. The shorts are so classy and perfect for a gentleman! The outfit coordinates well with the woman’s outfit because they are both very casual and presentable. I have chosen to pair the man’s outfit with denim Favor Limit Brogue Suede Derby Shoes by Clarks and it sells for £41.00.

Ben Sherman Mini Check Short Sleeve Shirt

John Lewis Garment Dye Shorts , Dark Red

Clarks Favor Limit Brogue Suede Derby Shoes , Denim

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Simple Unique Nail Trends!

Do you ever get bored of your nails being painted a solid basic colour? Want to try something new with your nails? Try these easy-to-do nail designs that will grab attention to your nails!

Two Colour Tone Manicure is a combination of two solid colours! It is recommended to choose two bold and bright colours to acquire a funky look! You can create this design in the form of a normal French manicure with a coloured tip or you can do a side/bottom tip instead!

Two Colour Tone Manicure

Ombre Manicure is a multicoloured stripe with colours graduating from light to dark. This also allows you to have a combination of two or three colours but they are fully separated from each other. The colours are slightly mixed together to achieve the ombre effect.

Easy Sponge Gradient

Spring Ombre Manicure

There is also another way to achieve the ombre effect! You can paint your nails from light to dark horizontally! Instead of making a strip and meshing the colours together, you can just paint each nail a darker shade from light to dark.

Ombre Nails

Accent Nail Manicure entails having one of your nails painted a different colour than the rest! You can accent the nail using a different solid colour, bright pattern, glitter, design, nail sticker, or a different polish finish.
Accent Nail Manicure

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