Which Face Mask Works For you?

A facial mask is a skin product that applies on your face, just like a mask, and should be kept on for about 20 to 30 minutes. They come in a form of facial cream that requires to be washed away with water. Face masks help enhance the temperature of skin, open the skin’s pores, prevent premature aging, increase the skin cells’ metabolic rate, and make your skin softer.

There are many face mask products out there but which one works for you?

Pollutants, dirt, chemicals in water and makeup, and hormonal disorders all contribute to an inner toxic load and shows up on your face as blemishes, redness, dry patches or flakiness. Your solution is to detoxify your face! The Super-Mud Clearing Treatment by GLAMGLOW is a scientifically advanced clearing treatment to target, prevent, and heal problem skin. It’s an activated pore-matrix complex that attracts dirt, then extracts – visibly drawing out congestion, and ready to be washed away. This product sells for $69.00.

GlamGlow Super-Mud™ Clearing Treatment

Do you want to achieve that radiant glow of cheerful brightness on your face? Try the Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial by KORRES! This facial treatment addresses uneven skintone and dark spots while improving skin quality for a brighter, more luminous complexion. It is an overnight face cream and works while you sleep to retexturize to give you a petal-soft skin by morning. This product sells for $48.00

Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial

For deep hydration, you should try the Essence Mask – Travelmate by when. It is a cooling bio-cellulose sheet mask that clings to your skin and delivers healthy nutrients to hydrate, soothe, and counteract travel fatigue. The sheet mask is ideal for travel use and keeps your skin ultranourished and moisturized. It helps restore damaged and fatigued skin to help your skin look fresh. This product sells for $28.00.

When Essence Mask - Travelmate

Are you looking for a deep pore cleanser? The Luminizing Black Mask by boscia is a peel-off black clay mask loaded with minerals and antioxidants to absorb excess oils, exfoliate, refine, and brighten your face! It is also a powerful detoxifying and purifying product that will draw out dirt and oil. This product sells for $34.00.

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

To achieve a firm face, try the Rose Face Mask by fresh. This face mask is a hydrating and toning mask with a cooling gel formula infused with pure rosewater and real rose petals! This unique mask restores radiance and suppleness to all skin types that will soothe, hydrate, firm, and tone your face. This product sells for $55.00.

Fresh Rose Face Mask

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How to style your bangs!

Want to freshen up your boring hairstyle? Bangs are a popular hairstyle for females! It can also be very hard to style and to coordinate to your face structure. Bangs help shape your face and enhance a more youthful look! You can have bangs with any kind of hairstyle as long as you know how to style it.

For a more dramatic look, you should go with blunt straight bangs. It is a more bold and confident look and definitely made for a diva. Straight bangs will also make your eyes pop and bring out its features. Straight bangs would also look great with straight hair to maintain the poise of the bangs.

blunt straight bangs

For a softer look, you should go with side bangs. This brings out a more cute and sweetheart look. Side bangs have a bit of a wave at the bottom of the bangs that bring it to the side, so I would recommend wavy hair to go with side bangs.

soft side bangs

For a messy casual look, you should part your bangs in the middle to separate it for the messy look. This look is great for an everyday look and will look great with your hair up or down! It takes very little effort to achieve this look and it’s one of my favourites!

messy casual bangs

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DIY Fashion: Simple Stylish Shoes!

Do-it-yourself inventions have been around for a long time since 1912. It all started with home improvements and maintenance activities. It has evolved into arts and crafts by using simple ideas to make creative products. In today’s modern era, a lot of young girls make DIY fashion trends. You can take a basic product and make it more unique and stylish.

My favourite DIY projects are shoes! It’s so simple to add creativity to shoes and with little effort; you will have a different style for the same pair of shoes. I have chosen three of my favourite styles for DIY shoes!

My first pick is a pair of black simple shoes. I love solid coloured shoes, because you can do whatever you want with them and it will look great. For this look, a strip of paint colour was used to make the shoes stand out. I would recommend using a bright colour so it stands out from the black colour. Yellow would be one of the recommended options and it would go well with a yellow outfit to match!

DIY Cap-Toe Shoes

My second pick is a pair of nude coloured heels covered in red glitter. I like this look because it completely changes the shoes from simple to glamour. All you need is glue and a lot of glitter and you can transform your shoes. You won’t even be able to recognize the original pair of shoes.

DIY Glitter Shoes

My third and favourite pick is a pair of flip flops and a scarf! With a few cuts, twists, and ties; you can transform your flip flops into a pair of stylish chic sandals! It’s so simple to do and the outcome is amazing. I love the creativity with the scarf and it adds colour and a bit of an exotic look.

DIY Scarf Flip-Flops

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How to wear a maxi skirt!

Maxi skirts are perfect for breezy spring and summer weather! You still get to wear a skirt and keep warm as well. They can also be hard to coordinate with your look but with the many possibilities, there is always a way! Maxi skirts simply look good with any plain top, but I’m going to change it up and make it look unique and different.

Maxi skirts are expected to have a very feminine and flowy look to your outfit. Sometimes, you may want to change it up and add a little bit of an edge to your outfit. A leather biker jacket is the trick! This outfit will be ideal for the night at a bar or for roaming the city.

maxi skirt 1

Denim is very trendy right now and girls are always trying to incorporate denim into their outfits, and I’m not just talking about denim jeans. There are denim vests, shirts, jackets, and etc. Denim brings a bit of a western taste to an outfit, which is out of the ordinary. It makes your outfit look fashionably unique and it is the perfect street wear! A denim shirt would be the best clothing item to fit with a maxi skirt. It gives you that comfortable look that girls will be envious of.

maxi skirt 3

You will most likely see girls wearing a maxi skirt with solid colours but how often do you see a girl with a patterned maxi skirt? A striped or polka dot maxi skirt would be out of the ordinary as well, but it looks just as good. To work this outfit, there would have to be a reversed switch with the top being a solid colour. If you have a patterned top and skirt then it looks too complicated, and complicated doesn’t look good. I would suggest changing up the style every once in a while to add variety to your closet.

maxi skirt 2

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Want to get rid of your acne? Try Clinique’s 3-step skin care system!

I used to have a few pimples on my face but they weren’t too bad. One day, I got a huge pimple on my forehead and it looked like a third eye. My first thought was to find the best way to get rid of it and to get rid of pimples altogether. I did my research and there were many good reviews on the Clinique 3-Step Skin Care system. Clinique does a good job at the maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness as the foundation of caring for all skin conditions depending on the skin type of the user. It was a bit expensive for the whole package but I decided to give it a chance and see where it will take me.

YouTube Preview Image

The total skin care package comes with three products: facial soap, clarifying lotion, and moisturizer.

The first step is the facial soap. The facial soap comes in two different forms of either liquid facial soap or facial soap bar. It has different types of facial soaps for different skin types such as dry, oily or a combination of both. I chose to buy the liquid facial soap, because it’s easier to use and for travel purposes. The price for the facial soap ranges from $12.50-$16.50.

Clinique - Step 1: Cleanse Products

The second step is the clarifying lotion. The clarifying lotion also comes in different bottles for different skin types. It is used for exfoliating your skin as it sweeps away pollution, excess oil, and dulling flakes to reveal fresher skin. This is the key step to eliminating those pimples. The price for the clarifying lotion ranges from $13.00-$22.50

Clinique - Step 2: Exfoliate Products

The third step is the moisturizer, which also comes in different packages for different skin types. The moisturizer is essential to maintaining optimal moisture balance. The price for the moisturizer ranges from $14.00-$25.00

Clinique - Step 3: Moisturize Products

The Clinique 3-Step Skin Care system definitely did solve my acne problems. Within one or two days, my skin was completely clear.

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Different ways to wear a belt!

There are many ways to wear an outfit and to accessorize, but a belt is one of the most popular accessories to change up an outfit! A belt can be used for many different outfits and can be worked in so many ways. The good thing about belts is that it comes in various sizes, colours, and patterns. There is a belt for every outfit!

Dresses are very commonly coordinated with belts! You would want to choose a belt that is a dark colour so it flatters your dress. Another option is to choose a belt that is a completely different bright colour to attract attention towards the outfit.

Different ways to wear a belt 1

Do you ever get tired of the same blazer look with your open buttons? Try adding a skinny belt to your blazer outfit! You still get to keep your blazer open but keep it semi-closed with a belt! It also brings variety and still keeps the professional look to your outfit. If you want to wear a different colour pair of shoes from your outfit then you can find a belt that matches your shoes and it will look great!

Different ways to wear a belt 2

You can also add a belt to a plaid shirt! You probably always see girls wearing plain plaid shirts but adding a belt makes it unique and different from those other girls. Plaid shirts can also come off as a bit of a “lumberjack” look so wearing a belt will tighten the shirt and make it look more feminine.

Different ways to wear a belt 3

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Floral hair accessories!

Floral headpieces are the perfect accessories to compliment your hair! They will make you look very feminine and lady-like and bring a happy and cheerful tone to your overall look! There are many ways you can style your hair with floral accessories and you can use them for any occasion! It brings colour to your look and brightens up your face! Floral hair accessories are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or for costumes.

I’ve chosen four of my favourite looks with summer headpieces!

The first look is a floral headband and this is good for hairstyles that are let loose and let down. I would recommend keeping your hair wavy and messy to coordinate the headband.

floral headband

The second headband is a boho-chic style with a round headband that covers a bit of the forehead. It’s a bohemian hairstyle that would look good with flatter hair so it’s not too difficult for the headband to hold the hair.

round floral headband

The third headpiece is also a round headband but it is worn on top of the head to give it a “hippie” look. I would most likely find this look for a wedding occasion, because it’s a soft and beautiful look.

hippy floral headband

The fourth look is my favourite! It can be used with any hairstyle whether your hair is up or down. It is the perfect floral headpiece for a formal occasion and I would recommend it with a hair bun.

formal floral headpiece

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Summer Celebrity Fashion Icon 2013: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is a style icon previously known for MTV’s Laguna Beach and The Hills. She is now an author, fashion designer, and television personality. She has been working in the fashion industry since she starred on The Hills in 2006. She has always looked her best and is always graceful with everything she does. Her fashion taste relates to every girl and she always keeps it feminine.

I have chosen three of my favourite summer outfits from her!

My first pick is a beige crochet top with a pair of simple denim shorts. Her wavy hair completes the summer look and makes the perfect casual outfit. I love that she can take a simple outfit and make me want to buy her outfit. Lauren Conrad knows how to work the simplicity of an outfit with her femininity.

Lauren Conrad Summer Outfit Simple and Feminine

My second pick is a leopard long sleeve blouse with black skinny jeans. I love that Lauren Conrad put her hair up in a loose bun and still keeps her outfit as sleek as possible. She looks comfortable but stylish. Her black jeans really compliment her leopard blouse, which a lot of people can’t pull off.

Lauren Conrad Summer Outfit Comfortable and Stylish

My third and favourite pick is a mint green dress! I am obsessed with this colour and I think it’s the perfect summer colour because it brings a breezy thought to my mind when I think of the colour mint green. This is a trending colour of summer 2013, and it compliments a tanned skin tone and softens your look. Lauren coordinated the outfit with a gold necklace and a pair of white heels, which are the two best colours to go with mint green.

Lauren Conrad Summer Outfit Mint Green Dress

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