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Plea to Sienna

Dear Sienna Miller,

Oh, how times have changed!

You were once the darling of the fashionable set – your boho chic style, flowing blond locks, and much-sought-after-guy-of-the-moment, Jude Law, made you the envy of stylish hipsters and celebifans (fans who want to be celebrity) around the world. But now it’s come down to a haphazard blunt cut and one-too many Edie Sedgwick moments. The stripes, the black tights…are you asking me to imprison you for your recent style blunders?

The Good Ol’ Times…

The Terrifyin’ Present…
But I feel for you Sienna. I do. You were the nice girl who stood behind Jude in the whole Nanny-gate scandal and I thought I could help. Here’s how to reclaim your throne of fashion-It girl…

1. Ditch the super blond bob!
Sure, your cut was edgy, modern, chic, in Vogue…blah, blah, blah. It’s not you. I suggest your throw in some extensions while you re-grow your beautiful locks. Kevin Paves anyone?

2. Leave the black and white stripes to the prisoners!
Beatnik is the new boho…Yawn! The black and white strip tops, tunics, t-shirts, blouses, were cute for about a minute or so…but that minute has passed, a long time ago! It’s time to move on! Even Britney could get herself a new pair of sandals.

3. P is for Pretty. Not for Punk.
Let’s face it, you were never the rock chick type. Kate Moss has the title. But, you had yours, Mrs. Queen-Bee Boho Chic. Sure gypsy skirts and Moroccan belts are about as stylish as anything Tara Reid touches, but you could easily evolve that style to the new flowing frocks and tunics that are all the rage this fall!

Please Sienna, don’t do this to us! It’s never too late. I haven’t turned my back on you yet.

Best wishes,


PS: Eva Longorio called. She thinks your style is “so in right now!”

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Wishing away summer…

As the summer crawls to an end and the thought of school comes closer to the front our your brain, I thought I should post a little article about fall fashions


Thinking Inside the Box
By Adrian

Say goodbye to frills and dainty frocks. Fall brings a refreshingly strong, linear look!

While this fall’s fashion shows sent down looks ranging from 70’s disco glam to 90’s urban warrior, all designers agreed on one thing: strong, linear, almost boxy looks come September. Gone are the dainty, frilly baby doll tops and the flowing, romantic skirts that have inundated stores for the past couple of seasons. Fall’s look is definitively more masculine, with tunics, grunge-like layering, and mod, linear shift dresses standing at the front of this new style frontier.

The message was loudest at Marc Jacob’s namesake line and his work at Louis Vuitton, which recalled his early 90’s, grunge-inspired collection at Perry Ellis. Models were sent down the runway in heavy knit tops, layered, scrunched pants, and mushroom-style knit caps. The effect was a ‘cocooning’ of the body – a sort of 21st century armor.

Muccia Prada was feeling a similar need for protection, sending down skirts and coats decorated with haphazard strips of long-haired fur. The models looks more prepared for entering an urban battlefield than walking down one of the chicest runways in Milan.

Celebrity’s are already grabbing hold of this new look. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were one of the first to sport this style last November, when they wore matching, short, trapeze-like dresses to the Miss Davenporte Trunkshow. They sport similar, mod-inspired looks in the newest Issue of US Vogue magazine, paired with tights and boxy, square toe pumps.

Kate Bosworth also channeled this style when she wore a loose, minimalist white dress to this year’s MTV Movie Awards. This month, check her out on the cover of Teen Vogue, wearing this look full on – knit cap and all!

What are the Hot Items for this Look?

  • Tunics, in soft, muted colours, like grays, blues and blacks
  • Tops/Dresses with Pockets
  • Heavy, Oversized Sweaters and Sweater dresses
  • Big, Chunky hats and scarves
  • Leggings/Skinny Pants to balance the volume
  • Chunky Platforms/Wedges

It’s a rough world out there, but fall’s newest fashions will keep you ahead of the pack! Think big, boxy, and bold!

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This is the beginning of a beautiful…..

Hi everyone!!

This blog will become your source for all that is fashion and style. The latest commentary on celebrity looks, fashion shows, and the coolest dressers from around Toronto.

I thought it would only be appropriate to post a few of the iconic images that inspire me. Enjoy!

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