Which evening handbag will you wear tonight?

Evening handbags can be very tough to choose. It will either complete your outfit or ruin it. The key to finding the right evening handbag is the colour, size, and interior design. You have to be able to coordinate the evening handbag to your outfit and to compliment the outfit overall. You have to find the right size that is not too big or too small, and an interior that will have compartments for your essential belongings. Most importantly, your evening handbag needs to look good.

Going out for some drinks with your girlfriends? You will probably be wearing a casual-stylish outfit, so a basic evening handbag will be the one! I have chosen a black leather clutch that will go with any outfit whether you’re wearing a dress, skirt, or pants. You can just carry the clutch in your arms like an accessory while you sit and talk with your girlfriends all night. The clutch is $585.57 by Marc Jacobs.

MARC JACOBS 'Eugenie - Large' Quilted Leather Clutch

If you are thinking of wearing a black basic dress or any dark solid coloured or patterned outfit then a bright coloured evening handbag is the one to have! The bright coloured handbag will compliment your basic outfit and make it not-so-basic. I chose a hot pink clutch that would go well with a black cocktail dress. The hot pink clutch will bring out the feminine side of the outfit and to bring some colour into your night. The clutch is $207.61 by Pour la Victoire.

Pour la Victoire 'Nouveau'Clutch

Planning to go dancing tonight? You should definitely wear a handbag that has a strap! It is essential to wear a strapped handbag so it can carry itself while you enjoy your night. Whether it is a strap for your wrist or your shoulder, find one that looks good with your outfit! I chose a small black shoulder strap handbag so I’ll have my belongings right by my side for the whole night, and I won’t have to carry it. The clutch is $207.59 by Diane von Furstenburg.

Diane von Furstenberg 'Tonda - Small' Embossed Clutch

Enjoy your night!

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Tis the season for destination weddings!

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for destination weddings! Most destination weddings are held on a beach so shopping for a beach wedding dress may be different compared to a traditional wedding dress. You would want to find something casual but elegant. The beach will have hot sunny weather so you would also want to wear a breezy dress that also has an open lower area around the legs. It is good to have an open area around the legs because of the sand on the beach.

My first pick is an informal short bridal dress with a long overskirt. This dress is perfect for the beach, because it’s strapless so you will have no strap tan lines and the long overskirt is removable so you can transform the overall dress into a short mini dress.

Summer Informal Short Bridal Dress with Long Overskirt

My second pick is a cocktail taffeta v-neck wedding gown with a sash! For those who don’t have an overskirt and would like to keep the leg area as open as possible, this is the dress! It is a short dress so no sand or water will get on your dress (unless it rains) and it is the perfect beach look! It is casual but the silk sash brings the elegance to the dress.

Cocktail Taffeta V-neck Wedding Gown with Sash

My third and favourite pick is the strapless high-low ball gown wedding dress! I love this dress because it still has the traditional ball gown look to it, but it also has an open frontal to the dress. It’s incredibly elegant and suitable for the beach. It’s very feminine and shows off your tanned looking legs!

Strapless High-Low Ball Gown Wedding Dress

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Summer Hairstyles!

A lot of girls like to wear their hair down but when the summer hot weather hits, you might want to change your everyday hairstyles. During the summer, you don’t want to have your hair in your face, on your neck, or lying on your shoulders. You want to have a cool and breezy feel through your hair. Everyone can just put their hair up in a ponytail but there’s more fun by adding creativity to your hair!

My favourite summer hairstyle is a side braid of any kind. It keeps the hair out of the face and you can add a braid to any hairstyle! You can leave your hair down and still braid it on the side or tie it up in a bun. The side braid is a very versatile hairstyle and can work with any occasion. I have chosen two of my favourite side braid hairstyles. One is a simple small braid at the top of the head with a low ponytail, and a huge side braid that collects all of your hair for a messy look.

YouTube Preview Image

Selena Gomez Lauren Conrad Summer Hair Side Braid

A hair knot or a hair bun is the perfect solution to eliminating your hair off your face, neck, and shoulders! This hairstyle is ideal for work, parties, or for a casual walk in the park. It keeps you feeling cool and reduces any sweating. This hairstyle brings out your facial features and shows off your beauty.

Kourtney Kardashian Hair Bun

Everyone’s favourite summer hairstyle is the wavy beach hair! It gives a bouncy vibe to the hair so it doesn’t stick to your neck like flat straight hair would. It is a perfect casual look and it will look good with hair that is either up or down. The wavy beach hair is fun, girly, and versatile!

Summer Wavy Beach hair

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What to wear to an outdoor music festival!

From California’s Coachella Music Festival to Toronto’s Veld Music Festival – this is the season for all outdoor music festivals! There seems to be a wardrobe trend for these festivals and I’ve got the style tips to help you fit in!

These outdoor music festivals are usually held on hot sunny days so you would want to dress cool and wear loose shirts! The fashion style is a bit funkier than usual casual clothing so here are a few of my top picks for the perfect outfit! All clothing items are from Urban Outfitters.

For the tops, I chose a few crop tops and a lot of tanks to accommodate to hot weather and some unusual designs as well!

Ecote Kaitlyn Cami

Ombre Fringe Bra Top

Pins And Needles Button-Front Bra Top

Urban Renewal Blossom Halter Top

For the bottoms, I chose all shorts in unique designs and colours so you can have an overall unique look!

Urban Renewal Destroyed Denim Short

Reverse Fantasy Dip-Dye Denim Cutoff Short

Urban Renewal Acid-Wash Destroyed Denim Short

Have fun!!

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Formal Party Dresses under $50!

Besides wearing a simple black dress, try wearing trendy colours! Formal parties are rare occasions where you can dress your best and party the night away! It can be a difficult task to choose a formal dress for many different occasions and with all the high prices, and you also want to find the perfect evening dress that will grab everyone’s attention for the night. I’ve chosen a few of my favourite dresses from NEW LOOK and they’re all under $50!

My favourite mini dress look is the Blue Embellished Waist Strappy Prom Dress! This dress is great for dancing because it gives you a lot of room to move your legs and the embellished strap detail above the waist completes the outfit! This dress sells for £39.99.

Blue Emebllished Waist Strappy Prom Dress

For a more funky and fun trendy look, I chose the AX Paris Green Embellished Strapless Dip Hem Dress! I love that it’s a bright colour so it brings a cheerful brightness to the outfit and the high-low dress effect is trending! This dress sells for £40.00.

AX Paris Green Embellished Strapless Dip Hem Dress

To show off your curves, try the Dolly & Delicious Pink Leather-Look Collar Bodycon Dress! It is a short tight mini dress that will definitely compliment your legs and show off your curvy body! This dress is perfect for a cocktail party or for dancing at a nightclub. This dress sells for £30.00.

Dolly & Delicious Pink Leather-Look Collar Bodycon Dress

Did you ever want to be that “lady-in-red” at a formal party? I recommend the Red Embellished One Shoulder Maxi Prom Dress! It is a very elegant long gown and will definitely make you feel like a princess. I think red is the most attractive colour and it won’t fail to impress that special someone! This dress sells for £49.99.

Red Embellished One Shoulder Maxi Prom Dress

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Wedge heels for the summer!

It is summer time and wedge heels are trending! It’s the season for dresses and skirts and wedge heels go perfectly with those outfits. They are comfortable for every occasion and they are definitely my favourite kind of heels. They usually come in cute styles and patterns so there is a pair of wedge heels for every outfit!

I try to keep a black pair of everything in my closet so I would definitely need a black pair of wedges. Black is basic and goes well with anything so it is an essential colour to have in every closet. You can definitely mix and match your outfit with a pair of black wedge heels. I chose these pair of wedge heels, because it also has a crochet style so that makes the shoes unique from others. The shoes are $63.43 from Lucky Brand.

Lucky Brand 'Rilo' Wedge Sandal

Another colour to have in your closet is a nude pair of shoes! These nude pair of wedge heels will match any soft colours such as light pink or white! I chose this pair of wedge heels, because they are one of the most comfortable shoes with no buckles and it’s easy to slip on with just a zipper at the back. The shoes are $79.00 from Kenneth Cole.


Kenneth Cole Reaction Wedge Heels

To change it up, I chose a pair of striped wedge heels! I love these wedge heels, because you can match it with a solid blue outfit but your look will still have variety because of the white stripes. These are also very easy to slip on because there is just a buckle at the back. The shoes are € 220.00 by Tory Burch.


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How to WOW your date

Date night is the night where you get to know a person, spend time with your significant other, or when you finally have a night off without the kids. It is a rare occasion when you deserve to look your best to impress your date for the night.

For a sexy night out with your date, you can go out for a candlelight dinner and then a nightclub for some late night dancing. You want to dress confident and bold and your look should compliment your partner. Your outfit should look dramatic but sleek. I chose a red sweetheart cut out bodycon dress, because red is the most attractive colour. It is a short dress so it will really show off your legs. The front of the dress is a bit covered up but the back is revealing so it adds a bit of mystery to your outfit. This dress is £20.00 from River Island.


For a romantic date out for a picnic or a drive-in movie, you don’t want to dress too bold but you still want to impress your partner and hold his attention for you. You would want to dress a little softer for a romantic setting and dress more comfortably as well. For a romantic look, I chose a white sweetheart shaped tube top with lace at the bottom, and paired with basic black skinny pants. The black pants will bring out the white top and keep the focus on your beautiful face. The top is $23.41 from Tilly’s and the pants are $59.40 from ASOS.

FULL TILT Lace Womens Peplum Tube Top

River Island Tube pant

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Stylish summer looks for the office!

Dressing for work during the summer can be a tricky task! You have to accommodate your outfit to the sunny outdoors and for the air conditioned office. I have picked out a few outfits that can fit those two different settings! Since it is summer, the season also calls for many cute outfits so it is time to dress up and put effort into your look.

My first outfit pick is a black strapless jumper and a green blazer. This look is basic, simple, and appropriate for the office, and has a bit of an edge. The blazer completes the office look with its professionalism and keeps you warm under the air conditioner. You can take the blazer off during your lunch break out on a restaurant patio and work on a nice tan while relaxing. The jumper is $79.90 and the blazer is $99.90. Both items are from ZARA.



My second outfit pick is a blue 3/4 SLeeve Sheath Dress. This dress is casual, professional, and perfect for the summer! It comes with a belt above the waistline and gives it the professional look.! This look falls under the category of “Buisness Casual” so you can wear it after work for a shopping date with your girlfriends! The dress is $27.80 from Forever21.

Forever 21 3/4 Sleeve Sheath Dress

My third outfit pick is a yellow stretch pencil skirt and a black sleeveless blouse. This outfit is very professional and ladylike to show off your feminine side while being a strong and powerful leader in the office. The skirt is perfect for the summer weather and the blouse is thin and breezy to keep yourself feeling cool. The skirt is $29.95 and the blouse is $19.95. Both items are from H&M.

H&M Stretch pencil skirt

H&M Sleeveless Blouse

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