How to Wear Leather

Some of my favourite outfits are coordinated with a leather clothing item! It makes me look bold and confident and makes any outfit look different and unique. The leather look is hard to create, but the key to finding the right outfit is the structure and fit.

My first pick is a leather biker jacket! It goes well with any casual outfit from dresses to denim jeans. A biker jacket would be most ideal for a night in the city; it looks great and keeps you warm. I chose this biker jacket, because it had two open flaps so it would look great while wearing it unzipped. It also shows off the blouse or shirt that you’ll be wearing on the inside. This jacket is $299.00 from ZARA.


My second pick is a leather pencil skirt! This is ideal for a professional look for the office or a presentation. The leather look is considered a “tough” look so a very feminine shirt or blouse would match the skirt. I would recommend a white or beige top, because it will really compliment the skirt. The skirt is $149.00 from Danier.

Danier Italian lamb leather pencil skirt

My third pick is a pair of leather leggings! This will also go great with any casual outfit or for a night in the city. I really like leather leggings, because it shapes the legs and shows off the curvy side of the body. I recommend a longer flowy top that would cover a bit of your behind. A flowy top would also make your legs look thinner. The leggings are $218.00 by JO NO FUI.


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No more bronzers, use self tanners!

For some people, it may be really hard to achieve a nice sun kissed glow in the summer. Lying under the hot summer weather is also not a safe method to tan, because you can get sunburned, skin will start peeling, and you may catch a skin disease. Bronzers can give an uneven tan to your face and it is not suited for the body as well. The more you use the self tanner on a daily basis increases the duration of your natural looking tan. The best method to achieve the sun kissed glow is a self tanner!

I have chosen three of my favourite self tanners from Sephora!

The Faux Tan Body Sunless Body Tanner contains mineral copper complex that prolongs the tanning effects, while aloe vera and vegetable-derived emollients provide hydration to keep the skin feeling soft and smooth. To increase the colour, just reapply! This self tanner is $26.00 by bareMinerals.

bareMinerals Faux Tan Body Sunless Body Tanner

The Tinted Self Tanning Body Mist is very easy to use, because it is a spray and it instantly shows colour when you spray it on your body so you don’t make the mistake of spraying the same area twice. This product contains mango extract which protects and repairs skin to make it feel soft. The glycerin in the spray provides moisture to the skin, and Vitamin E acts as a moisturizer and an antioxidant to improve skin radiance and tone. This tanner is $15.00 by Sephora.

Sephora Collection Tinted Self Tanning Body Mist

The Self Tanning Instant Gel is the ideal product to maintaining a natural tan for a year-round appearance. This product is a non-oily gel and it instantly absorbs so there is no need to wait before dressing (perfect for the winter), and you will see results in 2 hours. It contains larrea divaricata extract to prolong the tan. This tanner is $35.00 by CLARINS.

Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel

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Creating, Selling and Regulating

Isabel Marant x H&M

YouTube Preview Image

Cries of joy rang out from the world’s most fashion forward when H&M announced their latest designer collection with Isabel Marant. Since the announcement, much speculation has arisen as to which, if any of Marant’s most recognizable pieces will be recreated. This includes the much copied wedge sneaker and faded motorcycle jackets. The opportunity also presents a new challenge for the designer – creating a menswear collection for the first time.The Isabel Marant for H&M collection is set for release worldwide and online on November 14, 2013.

H&M Announces Next Designer Collaboration With Isabel Marant [Forbes]

SJP Shoe Line

Sarah Jessica Parker has announced that she will be launching a footwear line entitled SJP. The collection, which she will create in collaboration with Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemu will reflect the actress’ personal style. “I’ve spent so much time in shoes now. I really feel like I have an advantage. I was in heels sometimes 18 to 20 hours a day on set [of Sex and the City],” she told Footwear News. “I never took them off, but I wasn’t in pain. I had been a ballet dancer so I don’t know, maybe I prepped my feet with pointe shoes.” Beginning in January, the SJP collection will be sold exclusively in Nordstrom’s.

A Mile In Her Shoes: SJP’s Big Reveal [Vogue UK]

New Labour Laws For Underage Models

A bill proposing that models under 18 be protected by the same labour laws that protect child actors, singers, and performers passed both houses of New York State legislature yesterday. It’s currently awaiting the governor’s signature.

The bill outlines the following:

1. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a chaperone.

2. Minor models will require a special permit to work.

3. Employers will have to apply for a certificate of eligibility to hire children, and fill out additional paperwork notifying the state of specific dates, times, and locations of the jobs beforehand.

4. Child models won’t be allowed to work after midnight or return to work less than twelve hours after they’ve left.

5. If child models miss more than three days of school, their employer is required to provide them with a tutor and a space to study.

6. Fifteen percent of a child model’s income will be placed into a trust account that they can only access when they turn 18.

The penalty for breaking these laws is a civil fine — $1,000, $2,000, and $3,000 for the first, second, and third or more offenses, respectively.

Child Labor Laws Soon to Apply to Models Under 18 [NY Mag]

Princess Madeleine’s Valentino Gown

Princess Madeleine of Sweden got married in Stockholm on Saturday in a gown by Valentino. Valentino came out of retirement to create the custom gown, as he has done for a few select high profile clients. According to Valentino’s press release:

The dress is created in silk organdies with applications of ivory Chantilly lace. The waist is emphasized by small vertical pleats that open and spread out on the full skirt with a 4-meter long train.  The veil, at 6-meters long, is silk organdies edged with tulle “point d’exprit” with an application of Chantilly lace flowers. The royal tiara is decorated with fresh orange blossoms.


Princess Madeleine’s new husband is Christopher O’Neill, a New York–based financier.

Princess Madeleine Wed in Valentino and a Tiara [NY Mag]

Diana Vreeland’s Wardrobe for Auction

On June 24 at Kerry Taylor Auctions, Diana Vreeland’s glamorous wardrobe will go under the gavel. The collection of clothing was donated by a close friend of the Vogue editor. Vreeland’s sartorial sensibility was marked by her discretion and he love of high quality and luxurious fabrics. Highlights include an Yves Saint Laurent navy wool coat – still bearing the scarlet ribbon of her Legion d’Honneur award – the film director chair that she used in her office while working as the Met Museum’s special consultant and a turned ivory art-deco cigarette holder that was immortalised in a portrait by Cecil Beaton.

For Sale: Diana Vreeland’s Wardrobe [Vogue UK]


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2013 Summer Looks

Summer is finally here! The long awaited season of hot sunny days and tanning weather is ready for you, but are you ready for summer? The season brings out all the best outfits of the whole year and excitement all around! It is time for patio drinks, backyard barbecues, amusement parks, road trips, water slides, and the list goes on. There are so many activities to do in the summer which requires many kinds of outfits!

Here are some of my favourite outfits for the summer!

My first outfit pick is a casual look for a trip to the mall or a walk in the park. This outfit fits any kind of regular summer activity. For this casual look, I chose a light pink front tie woven tee and a pair of white shorts to match. The top is very girly, loose, and thin so you can still feel the summer breeze through your shirt. A pair of white shorts matches any light colour and it will bring out the colour of your tanned legs. This look would look great with a pair of comfortable crochet flats. All items are from Garage Clothing.


Garage Front Tie Woven Tee - Soft Jungle Rose
Garage White Flirty Jean Short
Garage Crochet Espadrilles

My second outfit pick is for a summer party at a backyard or a night out in the city with your single girlfriends! I chose a flirty floral dress from Garage Clothing for this look, because the floral pattern suits the summer theme and it’s not plain so it’ll definitely catch someone’s eye. It may get a bit windy or cold at night, so it’s always wise to bring a sweater or a jacket with you. I chose a military inspired jacket to match the look, and the green definitely complements the floral pattern and it gives the outfit a bit of an edge, also from Garage Clothing. To complete the outfit, I chose a pair of nude sandals with heels from H&M to make the outfit sexy and appropriate for the night.

Garage Floral Dress
Garage Military Inspired Jacket
H&M Nude Sandals

My third outfit pick is for a sunny beach day! For this look, I chose a striped bandeau bikini top and a solid navy coloured bottom. The patterned bikini top goes well with a solid coloured bottom so it brings out the top. As an optional clothing item, I chose a white crochet cami cover up just in case you decide to change up your bikini look throughout the day. Every beach outfit needs flip flops and sunglasses as well, so I’ve chosen a simple white pair of flip flops and a pair of large sunglasses to end the look. All items are from Garage Clothing.

Garage Stripe Bandeau Bikini Top
Garage Side Tie Bikini Bottom
Garage Cropped Crochet Cami
Garage GRG Flip Flops
Garage Glam GRG Sunglasses

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Shows, Shoots & Lawsuits

Carine Styles Herself for Givenechy


Ricardo Tisci asked the great Carine Roitfeld to style herself and daughter Julia for the latest slew of Givenchy campaigns. Models also included Amanda Seyfried, Quim Gutiérrez and models Mariano Ontañon and Dalianah Arekion. Tisci cited gypsies as the theme of his latest collection and went on to say that all the women were like gypsies themselves because, “They are never in one place. They travel the world.” Yhe campaign is slated to debut mid-July.

Riccardo Tisci and Carine Roitfeld Collaborate on Givenchy Campaign [The Cut]

London’s Isabella Blow Show

The late Isabella Blow’s best pieces will be on display at Somerset House in London in November. “Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!” will include over 100 pieces and was organised by her namesake foundation and Central Saint Martins .Daphne Guinness, a longtime friend, purchased Blow’s wardrobe after her death in 2007. Blow committed suicide at age 48 after years of battling depression. Guinness is also the founder of the Isabella Blow Foundation, which raises money to promote fashion, and to encourage young and aspiring talent. It also benefits selected charities that promote mental well being.

Isabella Blow Show Set for London [WWD]

Prada’s Litigation Drama

Prada employee Rina Bovrisse sued the label after being employed by them for four years when she  discovered that Japan executive, David Sesia had ordered the demotion or transfer of female employees he deemed “old, fat, ugly, disgusting, or did not have the Prada look.” Tokyo courts have ruled that Prada’s behavior was discriminatory, however, they decided that such treatment was “acceptable” in the fashion industry. Bovrisse did not receive any money, in fact she was counter-sued by Prada for the amount of $780,000 for damaging its image, which led her appeal to the U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights for help

U.N. Pressures Prada to Stop Sexual Discrimination in Japan [The Cut]

Primark x Asos

Primark has released a limited edition collection to be sold online. The British retailer will team up with Asos to offer 20 pieces that range from Prom-wear to denim. A spokesperson told the Guardian that this collaboration will give insight into the intricacies of e-tailing. Perhaps this is a hint that this is a trial run for a full-blown Primark website? Due to Asos’ international shipping, this also means that consumers around the world will get to try Primark, from the comfort of their own home.

ASOS Hosts Primark Online [Vogue UK]

Raf Simons Immortalized

Coffee table book, Raf Simmons has been released and curated by i-D‘s Terry Jones. The book includes 120 pages of photographs dug up from the i-D archives as well as essays and interviews by Terry and journalist Tricia Jones, among others. Sprinkled between are quotes from the designer himself: “My own label is very much linked to my past and to my environment. It’s darker, dirtier, and more underground … ” one reads, while another adds, “Isolation. Disorder. Incubation. They really represent certain aspects of my work and come from Joy Division. It goes back to my youth.”

First Look: Raf Simons’s Beautiful New Art Book [The Cut]

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Weekly Top Fashion News

Stolen Jewels, Fallen Scores and New Contracts

Companies to Sign Contract Ensuring Safety Rights for Its Workers

Further to the Bangladesh tragedy that we told you about a few weeks ago, several major European brands have pledged to sign a contract that ensures higher safety standards at manufacturing facilities in the region. The contract is titled “Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.” The agreement was drawn up by IndustriaALL Global Union and UNI Global Union and participating companies include:

Arcadia Group (the British company that owns Topshop)
El Corte Inglés of Spain
Kik and Aldi of Germany
N Brown Group
G-Star Raw
PVH Corp. (the U.S. company that owns Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger)
Tchibo of Germany

Many American companies such as The Gap and Wal-Mart have yet to sign.

Several Companies Refuse to Sign Bangladesh Safety Contract [NY Mag]

A&F’s ‘Buzz Score” Plummets

Market research company Yougov has conducted an analysis of Abercrombie and Fitch, following last week’s revelation of statement made by founder, Mike Jeffries, in which he was quoted as saying that he makes clothes for the “cool kids”.

YouGov created a “Buzz score” to a company based on the balance of positive and negative things consumers have heard about it in the past two weeks. A&F’s rating among 18- to 34-year-olds slipped from 1.9 on April 29 to -3.3 on May 3, the day retail expert Robin Lewis revived the old comments.
Since then,  the Buzz score has continued to drop, dipping to -11.3 on May 8 and a low of -17.3 on Tuesday while competitors like American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and H&M have maintained positive ratings.

Grading Abercrombie & Fitch [WWD]

Rafé Totengco to Recieve Iconoclast Award

On June 19 at the School of Visual Arts Theater in New York, The Independent Handbag Designer Awards will honor Rafé Totengco. The accolade is being presented is the Iconoclast Award, a prize given to standouts in the handbag industry. Rafé Totengco was also recently approached by Target to be the first designer to create a capsule accessories collection.

Independent Handbag Designer Awards to Honor Rafé Totengco [WWD]

The Watch of Chanel’s Beau to be Sold

The Breguet pocket watch that belonged to Coco Chanel’s one-time lover Paul Iribe will be up for auction on June 11 at Bonhams’ Fine Watches and Wristwatches Sale in London. Iribe was said to have worked as an illustrator and artist and he made a living crafting film sets in Hollywood before returning to Paris where he met Chanel in the early Twenties. The very year that Iribe bought the Breguet watch is the same year he and Chanel created a jewelry collection together, which was the commissioned project of International Guild of Diamond Merchants.

Watch of Coco Chanel’s Former Paramour to Go Under the Gavel [WWD]

Jewel Heist in Cannes

Over €1 million worth of Chopard jewelry has been stolen from a Novotel hotel in Cannes this week. The jewels were intended to lend stars during the course of the annual film festival. The Swiss luxury brand told the BBC that the jewels were taken directly from the safe of one of their employees. Chopard, who is an official sponsor of the Cannes Film Festival has yet to recover the goods.

The Cannes Film Festival Jewellery Raid [Vogue UK]

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Weekly Top Fashion News

New Tax for Shopping, Phillip Lim for Target and Altuzarra for the Ballet

It has been announced that Target has tapped  3.1 Phillip Lim for a capsule collection, in what will be Lim’s first mass-market collaboration. and consist of more than 100 items for women and men, including coats, bags, shoes, dresses, and so forth. Prices will range from $19 to $299.99, with the most expensive items being leather jackets. Lim, who spoke to The Wall Street journal said that Target had been approaching him for years in hopes of collaboration, but that he wanted to wait for the perfect time in his career and that the time is now. The capsule collection will hit stores on September 15.

Target Taps Phillip Lim for Fall Capsule Collection [NY Mag]

Joseph Altuzarra debuted his collection for the New York City Ballet on May 8th in their spring gala. The designer, who danced as a child, showed a collection that referenced a sense of ease, nonchalance, and playfulness. Departing from the dark looks of Rodarte for Black Swan and the angular looks that Gareth Pugh designed last year, Altuzarra employed seafoam and flagrant femininity for this year’s dancers.

Altuzarra’s Ballet Costumes Debuted Last Night [NY Mag]

Bodies that defy physics, stomachs that don’t crease and flawless skin. Have you ever wondered how Vogue managed to turn reality into a final image? Well, now is your chance because Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman will walk you through the process in an upcoming documentary. The intended audience for the film are youth in their adolescence and teenage years. When speaking with The Independent, Schulman expressed that her desire for this documentary is to prevent young women from looking at Vogue imagery and comparing themselves.

New Doc Explores The Photo Shoot To Photoshop To Vogue Photo-Spread Process [Refinery 29]

On May 6th, the American senate approved a bill known as the Marketplace Fairness Act. This act now authorizes states to levy a tax on purchases made online, and was won with a vote e of 69 to 27. This level of bipartisan support  is rare, but will give brick and mortar stores a more even playing field when competing with online retailers. Currently, online shops enjoy a tax-free advantage due to what is essentially an outdated loophole. Amazon has announced its support of the decision, leaving eBay as the only major retail powerhouse in opposition.

UPDATE: Senate Passes Online Shopping Tax [Refinery 29]

Selfridges has announced that they will be offering the world’s first drive-thru shopping experience beginning in January. Customers will be able to order online and then pick up their items from a special reception area behind their Oxford street store. Selfridges multi-channel director Simon Forster told The Evening Standard. “It will not just be the first drive-through service, it will be the best.”The store is currently investing in its website, having recently launched a Click and Collect service – where customers can reserve products before retrieving them in store.

Selfridges To Launch Drive-Through Service [Vogue UK]

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Prom 2013 Trends

With prom season just around the corner, it is important to follow the trends, yet make them your own. Check out some of the frocks that we think would make a great choice this season.

Sometimes June can get a little balmy, or perhaps your legs are your best asset, so why not show them off with a short hem? Balance the look out with longer sleeves or a higher neckline to avoid showing too much skin all at once. Remember, prom is a time to keep it classy. Try this Sherri Hill dress.

If you love to stand out, there is no better way to garner some attention than with a little razzle dazzle. Strategically placed sequins show movement throughout the body and add that Ms.America glamour. Try this Sherri Hill gown.

Nothing screams femininity like dainty appliques. When strategically placed they can add fullness to wherever they are applied, whether it be the bust or waist. They also add interest and texture to what might be a pretty bland silhouette. Try this Forever Unique dress.

Angelina Jolie made the leg slit famous and you can carry on the torch this prom. Opt for a floor sweeping gown that has a deep peek-a-boo slit on the side. It is elegant, timeless and feminine. Try this maxi dress by Needle & Thread.

Peplum has been all the rage this season, so why not crossover this trend to your prom-wear? This dress, by Georgina Chapman of Marchesa for Pearl (her diffusion line, sold at JC Penney) is the perfect choice. The angled ruffles and short hem draw all the attention to your hips and make your waist look teeny.

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